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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  1. Standing Desks Increases Productivity

    Standing Desks Increases Productivity
    Studies have shown the relation of health benefits and the rise of workers productivity when they change their posture at work. The use of height-adjustable furniture may allow a worker to vary their posture such as sitting and standing throughout the workday and to position their work surface at a comfortable level regardless of the posture adopted.
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  2. Hedge’s 3S’s Ideal Work Pattern

    Hedge’s 3S’s Ideal Work Pattern
    There is research on ergonomics that recommends the periodic switching in between sitting and standing as the need is presented. This is done successfully with the use of standing desk converter.
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  3. Do You Want To Be Productive? Start Your Day Like This

    Do You Want To Be Productive? Start Your Day Like This
    Since sitting at work is inevitable, ergonomists suggested that sitting could be broken by periodic standing and moving during the day for at least 2 minutes every 20 to 30 minutes. Studies show that frequent micro-breaks increases level of comfort, improves work performance and decreases the risks of musculoskeletal injuries. Using a Standing Desk from AnthroDesk can help.
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