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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  1. The Best Standing Desk Mat (So Far)

    The Best Standing Desk Mat (So Far)

    When using a standing desk converter, it is expected that you’ll need an anti-fatigue mat to keep your feet comfortable over extended hours standing while you work. Anti-fatigue mats - defined by CCOHS or Canadian Center for Occupational Health Center - are devised to reduce fatigue caused by extended periods of standing on hard surfaces such as cement floors and ceramic tiles. There are various materials a fatigue-reducing mat can be made such as rubber, carpeting materials, vinyl, and wood.

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  2. How To Design A Healthy Workstation

    How To Design A Healthy Workstation
    Various studies were conducted to determine the activities that can help break up sedentary time. These activities include information regarding the benefits of standing, changing work environments, such as adding standing or adjustable desks; providing a timetable for purposeful breaktime that includes stretching, doing some yoga poses, recording sitting times, or even providing a bell that rings every hour or two that serves as a sign to stand and move.
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