5 Basic Necessities of a Remote Worker

Not so long ago the benefits of working from home were limited, but with the modern technology and increasing number of real-time technology taking up our day to day lives, some of the employers and employees realize that they don’t need to be present or physically present in an office set up.

I myself made the transition from a full-time office-based worker to a flexible remote office based position, right the way to now being entirely home-based. I have faced and still faced problems working from home remotely — adjustments in your time, distractions and of course the way you see things in a perspective way. I believe having an employer that promotes working remotely gives me a better work-life balance and more productive hours.

But before getting all of these benefits, setting up the right office space in your home and how to make the remote working hassle free should be the first aspect to take into consideration. I have prepared five necessities a remote worker should have to succeed in their home-based work set up.

Have the right equipment. 

Having the right tools and equipment is the key to success. It is important to have this before indulging the perks of working from home as you will be haunted with the horror of not being able to perform well once you have started to work as a remote worker.

Reliable Internet Access. This first requirement and the most important above all as you won’t be able to perform your task and responsibilities if you are unable to secure the connection with others. Since all instructions are sent via e-mail and Skype, a clear connection is needed to make all of this possible. Invest in a reliable internet service provider so that poor connection won’t bother you.

Working Laptop or Desktop. Whether desktop or laptop, the important thing is that it is working correctly and updated with the latest update that is matched with your employer. As a remote worker, there is an application that you need to download or install in your desktop or laptop. If you have an unreliable unit, this won’t work. Check and upgrade if possible to the latest specs so you can be ready anytime you work. 

Designated a Dedicated and Inspiring Workspace

Working from home give us a privilege to an have a less arranged office but this does not mean that you should work from anywhere. We have to designate a space in our bedroom or transform the extra room from your house to an office space that can be used solely for working purposes. This should be done for you to create a headspace that you are in the working zone. To sum it up, you have to create a space that is inviting and comfortable to work that you don’t mind spending your time there. Try to keep it away from any areas of distraction.

Once you have created the right and designated room you also need to have the proper desk and furniture for inspiration and motivation purposes. Having the wrong desk or furniture can affect your mood while working. Some offices promote office ergonomics because of its benefits; you also need ergo-friendly equipment at your home office.

Sit-Stand Desk. A standing desk is not your ordinary desk, it is a space saver and has health benefits.  Working while standing can decrease the risk of obesity. Nowadays many office workers complain about back pain; a standing desk can reduce back pain as this prevents you from slouching and hunching over.

Desk Converter. If you are the type of person who wants to keep your current desk because you find it useful and has a lot of storage, then the desk converter is right for you. It has the same benefits as a sit-stand desk. However, it is portable and can be moved around your home, from your home office and to even your dining table.

AnthroDesk offers a wide range selection of sit-stand desks and desk converters. You can choose between these two, depending on your needs and preferences.

A Quality Headset

This is sometimes being neglected as some say that they can just use their headphones for communication. A headset should not be overlooked in an office set up especially when you are taking calls from your customers. Relying on earphones, headphones, a microphone from your laptop/desktop and speakers can result in poor sound quality and sometimes it creates a low-quality level of communication.

Back Up Data

Cloud storage is definitely the most convenient way of doing this for home workers but it is also crucial that you do your own back up to prevent data loss. You should be responsible for your data and always have a back up available. If you are to rely on cloud storage. Make sure that you know where it is stored. There are many instances that some users have forgotten about the data they have saved. It is the sole responsibility of the users to remember where and when it was stored.

Avoid Distractions

This is not classified as the necessity of equipment, but for me, this is very important. Keep your work office space separate from living space to avoid distractions. If you want to fix some household errands, then you need to put those off until you are off your working hours. Try to think as if you are not at home, this will help you to avoid these distractions.

There is also connotation from friends or family that, since you are working from home, the work is not that serious. This needs to be clearly explained and to make them aware that by not taking their personal calls or visits during your working hours you are setting a professional boundary. Ask your friends or family politely not to contact you during your designated working hours, the same as if you were in the office. You could only accept personal calls if they are urgent and important.

With no managers or colleagues around to check on you, it’s so easy to be distracted. Setting this set of rules will make your life easier and will help you succeed by working remotely.