How to Declutter Your Small Home Office

With the rise of home-based work and the emerging need to work from home which is bound by modern technology, we are forced to create a small space in our house from where we can work quietly without any distractions to maximize efficiency.

Sometimes we call our home office a haven of serenity if we want to be far away from troubles or situation that makes us feel uneasy. Often, it is a place where our minds become creative and bold. You may not believe it, but the home office is the place where you need to maintain a professional aura.

In a company set up or environment, layout and design matters. While in a home set up, proper lighting and area free from noise are just one of the few things that matter. We have to keep in mind that a setting expectation should be taken into consideration as this will become your basis and standard for making a clutter-free area.

A clutter-free environment can make a big difference. It has something to do with the attitude. Sometimes we could not get over the mess that we have created. But if you take a deeper understanding of yourself, you will realize that you need to be organized and on top of the things to overcome clutter.

There are so many ways to keep your home office clutter free, but it takes a lot of discipline to be able to do so. It may sound simple, but you have to open your mind and soul on the things that you need to let go, things to keep and must have. It would be easy to be minimalist at some point in your home office.

Here are some few tips that I have gathered.

Keep only the necessary

While it is hard for us to decide which are essential and the ones that are not. Keep in mind that the process of moving to a clutter-free environment is to define how we see clutter, which can be determined as anything we used, loved, or anything that led to disorganization. From here, we can already select unnecessary items from our drawers; sentimental stuff collected over the years or other family member’s clutter that are invading the home office space.

Removal of personal or household items that are not related to your work is necessary. Need to look far and wide to uncover errant pieces. Take a peep in your desk drawer, gather all the things and return it to where they should belong in your home. For example, clothing accessories should go back to your dresser in the bedroom or storage chest.  

Set a habit to manage your clutter

Being organized is the key to maintaining a de-cluttered office. But it takes a lot of effort to preserve the removal of what we call “excess” that would become a clutter. A simple scissor or stapler that you forgot to keep in the drawer can be related to an “excess” because the idea is to maintain a clutter-free workspace. Clearing out the excess is a way of having better management of the things you keep.

Making a straightforward checklist of items to de-clutter in your work routine is good. From here you can track on a monthly basis all the things that you have in your small home office so that you can quickly eliminate them and the office items won’t build up.  

Take it slow when acquiring a new item

You may not notice it, but most of the time there are unnecessary things that you were able to purchase that you don’t need. We have to change our mindset and evaluate our purchases differently. We always need to be reminded of the following (a) Is this the item required in my home office? (b) Do I have good reasons for buying this? (c) Do I have a place to store this in my small home office? These questions can raise awareness in your mind which helps eliminate the clutter in your home office.

Purchase a space saver furniture and keep everything organized

Your furniture plays an essential role in your home office. It should save space for your small office, but at the same time, it must also look decorative and modern. A standing desk from AnthroDesk is a space saver and has excellent benefits on your productivity level and mood. The standing desk is best partnered with cable clips (for cable management) since we want the desk to look organized. 

Re-arranging and moving piles from time to time does not count as ways to de-clutter. Nor it is necessary to take hours in organizing your stuff. The important thing is to do everything one step at a time. It may sound simple, but making your home office tidy is an achievement. It is also conducive for working and will lessen your time in looking for missing items since you would know where everything is. 

Follow these tips and it will transform your home office to be functional since everything is organized and you have state of the art standing desk.