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  1. How to Love Your Job For Career Enhancement

    How to Love Your Job For Career Enhancement

    Having a job is already a blessing, but loving it will bring more benefits. No job is difficult when you feel great while doing it. However, there are times when we feel doubtful of our capacity, and we tend to get less motivated. When the time comes when we seem to lose that motivation towards work, it is also the moment when we need to find the reasons to love it even more.

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  2. Why Is Your To-Do List Not Working?

    Why Is Your To-Do List Not Working?

    At some point, we all have seemed to struggle in some areas of our life. That sometimes happens when we are overwhelmed or disorganized. Some people believe that the answer for that is to create a to-do list. By doing this, we are able to list all the things that we need to do to and make sure to complete. However, there are instances wherein a to-do list is not working which affects how the tasks are accomplished.

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