10 Modern Office Design Concepts That Will Truly Inspire You

Office design trends have dramatically evolved in the past years. Nowadays, it’s not only the design of a workplace that is given attention but also the comfort of the employees while at work. Not only that, but a workplace should also promote creativity and productivity to ensure quality work results. The norm also engages workers to have a flexible setup, which is working from home. However, no matter where the office is set up, every worker must consider having the concept that can go with the current working trends. The primary goal is to work in a workplace that offers a nurturing experience and a pleasant environment instead of stress. Modern office design concepts are now becoming a growing trend. These designs help employees become more energetic, happy, productive, and motivated while performing their tasks. If you’re looking for an idea for setting up or renovating an office, these ten modern office design concepts can help you develop a modern office design concept. 


Interesting Modern Office Design Trends Today

Jennifer Liu, a writer for CNBC Make It, published an article entitled, “From privacy booths to smart parking garages: These photos show what offices of the future will look like,” highlighting some of the exciting office designs and trends. Some of the mentioned office design spaces include pop-up privacy booths, community spaces, data-tracking smart campuses, workspaces with a residential feel and look, and offices that have a significant focus on wellness.

It’s easy to find design ideas from various platforms. Just a few clicks and searches, and a lot of results will be provided for you. However, choosing from those multitudes of options can also be daunting and challenging. So, here are ten compiled modern office design trends that will surely leave you in awe.


#1 Symmetry-inspired modern workspace design idea

If you’re cautious with balancing and symmetry in your workspace, this office design concept will surely inspire you. To keep the symmetry in the work area, you can place two matching lamps at either side of the office design, and is placed on a raised platform facing the great view in the window,   

Here’s where you can check the photo of this modern office design.


#2 Modern integrations in furniture and technology

There are innovations and furniture that can be integrated into your office setup. All these can also help employees to work comfortably and more productively. Desks, tables, and chairs must be arranged appropriately and keep the place organized and clean. Be aware that cords and cables can be both dangerous and unpleasant to the eyes. Make sure to find a way on how to secure them properly. You can use a wire cable organizer that can be placed on your existing desk. Furniture and equipment play a significant role in creating an efficient office for your job; thus, they should be chosen carefully. The good thing is that furniture companies specializing in modern and contemporary office design concepts are doing their work on a higher level. Furniture becomes innovative and smarter. They are designed to be space-saver and can be used for other purposes. There are furniture and equipment that are created to fit in a workplace with limited space.

You can check an office design idea here with modern integrations in furniture and equipment.


#3 Sit-stand workstations

As we all know, sitting the whole day is one of the leading causes of health issues among workers. People who are sitting for long hours can experience back pain, neck pain, digestive issues, and other posture-related problems. Ergonomics plays a vital role in addressing the problem. Company owners are now open-minded in utilizing ergonomic equipment, furniture, and tools to help workers work safely and comfortably. Ergonomic chairs and exercise ball chairs, standing desk, and desk converters are some of the most common examples. The technique to shift from sitting to standing is one of the best solutions to prevent the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Most office-based employers and home-based workers are now choosing to have a sit-stand workstation with the main purpose of avoiding the dangers of being sedentary. They use desk risers, desk converters, standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and other ergonomic tools to keep themselves safe and healthy at work.


Check AnthroDesk’s standing desks and converters so you will have an idea of how great it is to have them in your workplace.


#4 Black and bolder

You can have your workplace painted with bold colours such as a dark shade of black. Of course, if that is your preference, that will help boost your motivation and generate amazing work results.

You can check this office design here.


#5 A built-in desk converted to a beautiful home office

Who says you can’t work in a used space at your home? Just a little bit of creativity, and you can have a gorgeous built-in desk. With this setup, you can add an LED desk lamp and some simple desk decor. Of course, do not forget to use an ergonomic chair to prevent acquiring back pain.

Check the sample of this desk design idea.


#6 Modern and ergonomic Home Office

Create an ergonomic home office by turning an area in your home into your work haven. Aside from a built-in desk that can be added, you can also use a desk converter if the main purpose is to achieve a modern look and save space while applying ergonomics.

Get an idea from this office setup.


.#7 Minimalist and sleek modern desk office idea

A sleek, minimalist workstation design by Jiun Ho creates the ideal space for a long day at work. It will be helpful if you can use ergonomic chairs and other ergonomic tools such as anti-fatigue mats, vertical mouse, desk converters, and others.

Check this office idea and be inspired to create your own.


#8 Go for a clutter-free space

How about creating a clutter-free and airy office space less than the traditional office desk. Just a space-saving desk or converter where you will work. There will be no other furniture like cabinets and organizers to store bulky paperwork. Files and important data are stored in the Cloud or digitally. This is perfect for workers who want to have a clutter-free workspace.

Here’s an idea for this type of modern office design concept.


#9 Using shelves in your work area

A shelf can be an important component in some types of workspaces. This is to have enough storage for all the files, documents, and office supplies. They help in maximizing the space while keeping everything in place.

Get inspiration here.


#10 Make it modern with glam

For ladies who want to work in a modern office to show off their sophisticated personality, then a modern office with a leek lighting, stylish desk, and geometric rug will be a great idea. Add gorgeous colours of paints and other gorgeous accents. To add an effect that is unique and natural, you can go for a live-edge desk.

Here’s where you can get inspiration for this office design concept.


When it comes to designing and creating a productive work environment, you can go classic or modern. The modern office design ideas mentioned above are just inspirations for you. Some workers also prefer the idea of bringing the outdoor vibe in their office by adding plants and nature painting in their work area. There are countless ideas out there, but the primary purpose of these office design ideas is to create a work environment that will help you give your best for your work, without sacrificing your comfort and health.