10 Tips on How to Be Productive at Work During Quarantine Period

Stay at home. Social distancing. Covid-19 pandemic. Quarantine. These words are just some of the common terms that keep lingering on our minds due to what is happening in our world right now. It’s been several months of adjustments, yet we’re still not getting used to it. We feel not just being deprived of our daily routines at work and home, but we seem to be facing a still vague future to unfold. However, if you’re now staying at home with your family or friends, then it should be something you must be grateful for. Most probably, you are also one of the many individuals who are working at home now. As a home-based worker, it can be both rewarding and challenging. You can experience distractions, issues with the tasks, communication mishaps, and other problems. At the end of the day, it’s nevertheless up to you how you will handle everything. And yes, you can still be productive at work during the quarantine. Read on to find out how.


10 Tips On How You Can Be Productive While Working at Home

Since most of us are now working at home, it is also crucial to know some helpful tips to stay motivated and productive at work. This is because sometimes, no matter how we strive to manage our time wisely or do amazing tasks, we still miss something. Make sure to check the following tips and enjoy how you become more productive while staying at home.


#1 Use ergonomic tools and accessories

It will be beneficial if you’ll have a designated working space in your home. This is to make sure that you will focus on the tasks. There can be various distractions at home, such as children playing around, pets roaming in the house, and of course, some chores that need to be done. Set up a workstation that can also apply proper ergonomics. Make sure to use ergonomic equipment, tools, and accessories. For instance, standing desks are helping a lot of workers in terms of their health and productivity level. These desks can be used to fight the battle against the dreaded effects of a sedentary lifestyle such as back pain, musculoskeletal problems and others. To switch between sitting and standing anytime you’re working, you can use desk converters. These devices can be easily attached to an existing desk and then enjoy the wonders of alternating between sitting and standing. There are also other ergonomic items that you should have in your workplaces, such as a vertical mouse, anti-fatigue mat, ergonomic chair, and others.

Always make sure that you clean your space. A clean and clutter-free workplace will help you get a better focus on your job, helping reduce the risk of being distracted.


#2 Use the right tools for your work

Most workers perform their tasks and communicate with their bosses online. Having the right tools for your job will absolutely be a big help. Tools such as Slack, Asana, Skype, Zoom, Trello, and others make it easier to organize and delegate tasks. These, along with other tools, promote better communication and a more convenient way to deal with tasks given to you.


#3 Spend a little time on a DIY project

All work and no break can get you overwhelmed and distracted. That is why it is advisable to have some time you can spend on activities that can bring you fun and excitement. During your break time, you can start a DIY project. You can paint, draw, work on a craft, or a gardening project. This can boost your mind to be refreshed, and seeing the output of your project can make you realize how possible it is to create something amazing. Such activities can help you become more motivated and perform better at work.


#4 Start a blog or journal

You may think that this consumes some time and may even cause distraction from your work. However, you can actually do it after working hours. A blog or a journal can be your channel to express your feelings and share what you have learned.


#5 Learn a new skill or competency

There’s no excuse now to stop learning new things to improve your career. There are various available courses that you can check online. Some of them are free, and premium access requires a certain amount of investment. The more skills you have, the more knowledge you can apply to your work. You will discover how amazing it is to spend time on worthy activities like studying and learning. Remember that a time spent on learning new things is a significant step in being productive as well.


#6 Read books

During your free time, why not grab some books or download an ebook to read? Choose reading materials that motivate, inspire, or add knowledge similar to your job. Reading can help improve vocabulary, exercise the brain, reduce stress, and stimulates the imagination.


#7 Have a devoted time for mindfulness and ‘me’ time

After a long day’s work, you can do meditation or spend a little time relaxing and promoting mindfulness. Put away your mobile gadgets such as your phones and tablets. Be in the area of your home where you can take away all the stress and negativity. You can also spend some time walking outside and share the moments with Mother Nature.


#8 Discourage personal distractions

It is essential that you will not get distracted while working. Make sure to notify everyone in the house that during your working hours, they should not interrupt you in your workstation. 


#9 Always be grateful

Your job is something you should be thankful for. Appreciate it and always aim to become better at work. When you always have this kind of motivation, you will do better each day. Your productivity level and efficiency rate will surely improve.


#10 Stay healthy

Of course, you should always put your health on your top priorities. A healthy mind and body and can be someone’s greatest investment. It would be best if you balance your physical, mental, and emotional health to ensuring that your whole system will function effectively. To achieve that, you should eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and exercise properly so you can be on your optimum performance at work.


Working at home during this quarantine can be challenging. But, it can also be very rewarding- as long as you are efficient and productive with quality results. We should not limit ourselves to learning new things amid this pandemic. Instead, we can excel better and do more to leverage our careers. Follow the tips we’ve mentioned, and surely, you’ll get ahead towards success.