12 Key Elements to Shifting Your Mindset Into Positivity and Productivity

There are times when we seem too busy and overwhelmed with our work, we become focused on negativity. We forgot to look at the brighter side and then discovered that we’re far from being more productive. When that happens, all we can do is to change our mindset and shift it into positivity.


Key Elements to Create a Mindset Towards Positivity and Productivity

The following are some of the significant factors that an individual should consider to be more inclined with positive thinking and become productive at work and home.


#1 Energy/Health. It’s a primary element for you to have if you want to perform well in your tasks. Remember that a tired body and mind will not help you achieve the level of productivity you want. Instead, this may lead to worse health conditions. Stay healthy at work and at home. Eat nutritious foods. Learn to get enough sleep. Find the right exercise for you in the morning. Consume plenty of water all day. Make sure to have your health as one of your priorities.


#2 Time. Time is also a crucial element if we want to achieve productivity and positivity in life. Although we are all given the same number of hours, it doesn’t mean that you will do the same things every day. Not every task is appropriate for the same hour every day. There are times you will wake up that you are less motivated than the previous ones.

You can still be productive by doing some creative tasks. For instance, you can write in your journal in the morning. You can solve math problems during break time. You can do something related to your hobby in the afternoon. Or, you can do some exercises, too. Some people also prefer to take a nap in the afternoon, preferably between 1-3 pm.


#3 Taking Breaks. Taking breaks during work is essential. This can help you refresh your mind and get back to work more inspired or motivated. Experts advised to always use pomodoro. As defined by Wikipedia, “the Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.” You just need to keep engaged in your work for a specific number of minutes.

It can be for 25 minutes or until no more than an hour. It’s also important to keep a stopwatch to alarm you when the time is up. You can then take a short break after each session. While you’re working and you feel bored or overwhelmed, keep an eye to the stopwatch and persuade yourself to continue working until the time is completed.


#4 Discipline. You must always recognize the difference between what you could do and what you should do. We often dream of accomplishing something big, but we lack the discipline on how to work on them. To do that, it’s advisable to take it little by little. Just like in writing a book, you can’t always write it one time. It will be more helpful if you will try writing a page or two first. Allot thirty minutes or an hour in writing each day. When you feel that you’re ready to work on bigger projects and more hours, then you are no longer overwhelmed. Always start easy. Remember, a single step is always the beginning of a long journey.


#5 Focus. To achieve a keen focus on your tasks, make sure to have a few things to do on your list as possible. The more tasks you have, the more complicated it would be for you to concentrate. Thus, it will be best to eliminate possible distractions. Turn off notifications from your social media accounts and phone messages. Take off from the list of unnecessary tasks. Focus on what is important.


#6 Simplicity. When you list down tasks on your to-do list, make them simple and easy to understand. Avoid complicating them. The simpler and doable your tasks are, the easier it would be to have them completed.


#7 Organization. It’s crucial to know what are you going to do first. Organizing your tasks properly will greatly help. Find out which tasks are to be prioritized and how many minutes will be allocated for them. Of course, make sure to spend a second to verify if everything is in order.


#8 Delegation or Improvise. Every problem calls for a specific solution. What works with one will not guarantee that it will also work with the others. This is the reason why some people get stuck with the issue and not keep moving forward. Always have a plan B if plan A didn’t work. Also, if it seems that there are a lot of tasks on your plate, delegate some tasks to ensure that they will be complete. Just make sure that instructions are properly conveyed.


#9 Eliminate. As mentioned before, you can’t do a lot of tasks in a limited time. That’s why it is vital to make sure that all tasks are organized, wherein all the most important ones are prioritized. Eliminate some tasks that are least important. Also, uninstall some apps in your pc or phone such as games and other social media accounts.


#10 Environment. Your working environment serves an integral role in how you can focus on your job. In an office, it is important to have a design of your workplace that is complete with the needed tools, materials, furniture, and equipment. Avoid putting other things that will only cause a mess to the place. It’s a smart strategy to customize your workstation as per the required necessities for the job.


#11 Learn. Productivity and positivity are both great gateways to learn more about success. There’s a lot more to know and discover. Find out more about effective techniques that will promote better work performance and productivity. Motivational speakers and other successful people nowadays share their success stories on how they achieve their goals. They do these by applying effective strategies to promote productivity and ensure positive insights towards work.


#12 Push. Shifting your mindset can be daunting sometimes. When your first try fails, make another step to continue. Do not just give up. Have a little push on yourself. Be consistent on doing your efforts, be determined until you reach success.


Each day, a new goal can be set and achieved. Opportunities are always bound to be visible. All you have to do is to take and work for them. Consider applying the elements mentioned above and start shifting your mindset to a higher level of positivity and productivity today.