5 Healthy Solutions to Combat Sedentary Lifestyle

Being physically active is essential for physical and mental health, but sometimes it can be hard to break out of a sedentary lifestyle and make lasting changes. In this article, we'll provide seven effective solutions to help you get started on your journey to living a healthier life.

Move More: Set Activity Goals and Track Progress

Setting realistic activity goals and tracking your progress can be an effective way to stay on track with exercising. Make it a point to move more by taking small, manageable steps such as walking for 15-20 minutes three times a week or using the stairs instead of the elevator. Tracking your progress via fitness apps or journals can help you stay motivated and hold yourself accountable. Celebrate small successes to keep yourself motivated!


Stand Up: Incorporate Standing Desks in Your Workday 

Incorporating a standing desk or similar options into your day-to-day routine can help breaking up the monotony of sitting. Stand up throughout the workday to stretch, maintain and improve posture and engage leg muscles. Look for adjustable perches and standing desks that can be used low to high depending on whether you want to stand or sit for any particular task. You don’t have to stay standing all day but simply breaking it up by incorporating some standing time into the mix can make a huge difference!

Take Breaks: Go for a Walk During the Day 

A great way to counter the effects of too much sitting is to get up during the day and take a brisk walk. Just 15 minutes of walking per day can help regulate your metabolism, burn more calories, reduce bloating, improve digestion, increase energy levels and enhance your productivity. Aim for two to four walks per day if possible for maximum benefit. If you don’t have time for a long walk, take a few short 2-3 minute breaks throughout your day to move around and stretch; this can be just as beneficial!

Sit Less: Use Smaller Workstations For Gaming, Reading, or Writing 

To further reduce sedentary lifestyle induced fatigue, try setting up a smaller working station with a laptop instead of using your larger work area or using a tablet or phone when you’re gaming or doing other activities. This will make it easier to move around during the day without sacrificing productivity. Additionally, keep a pair of padded earphones on hand to allow yourself to listen to music or watch something while working without being completely engrossed in what you’re doing and foregoing movement altogether!

Add Mobility Exercises to Your Routine 

Mobility workouts such as yoga and stretching are great for improving your flexibility, especially if you’re already quite sedentary for most of the day. Such exercises have proven to be effective in reducing the risk of chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. Moreover, short stretching or Pilates intervals can also help reduce muscle soreness and improve your posture over time.