5 Reasons Why Highly Productive People Deskercise

Working and exercising seem easy to start and yet hard to maintain. Always remember that exercising will improve your health and make you work more productively and with lesser body pain caused by prolonged sitting.

If you have a sit to stand desk plus you exercise then congratulations. Exercise at work is encouraged by health experts and enthusiast as it is effective in eliminating strained neck, sore shoulders, and back pain caused by bad posture and too much sitting.

You can start with using a standing desk. It will make your transition from sitting to standing easier and healthier. There is a quality yet reasonably priced standing desk. This is a good investment as standing promotes movement of the muscles, speed up metabolism and helps lessen the hazards of too much sitting such as developing diabetes or colon cancer.

You always have a choice to be active and start having 5 minutes of office exercises - daily. Here are the five reasons why you need to be consistent in your desk exercise.


Exercise increases blood flow to the brain and sharpens your thinking and awareness. After exercise, there is a positive change in the manner you perform your job. Your concentration is great, you are more focused and alert that make you excel in your job performance. Studies show that the work performance is consistently higher after exercising. This is manifested through proper time management and improved mental sharpness, especially during decision making.


You may find it tiring or you seldom do it but did you know that low-intensity exercise such as light walk, stretching, beginner's yoga workout or swimming can boost your energy level? Exercise enhances your body’s ability to transfer glucose and oxygen throughout your brain and body which results in the increase in your energy level.

Start walking during your lunch break and choose the stairs to go from one office to another. Your energy level will be the fuel and it will keep you running in a day’s work as well as helping you get things done on time.


Your brain is your greatest friend as this is your primary helper in performing your job at your best. Studies show that people who are physically active score better on cognitive tests than people living a sedentary lifestyle.

When your brain is performing at full capacity, you can focus, concentrate, and make better decisions, all essential if you are going to be more effective and efficient.


Moving muscles pump fresh blood and oxygen through the brain and trigger the release of all sorts of brain and mood enhancing chemicals. When we are sedentary for a long time everything slows, including brain function. Walking indoors and outdoors will create a spark and release new creative thinking.  At least 60 percent of new creative thinking increases when a person was walking. So get up, move and walk.


Research shows that people who exercise regularly and consistently improves over time are less likely to encounter a problem at work and at home. If you exercise at least 10 minutes a day, this will help you manage your time efficiently, release bad vibes, clear your minds from unhealthy thoughts and energized to be productive all day. Stand to work and use your standing desk often. You are more inclined to be confident in managing your role, assignment and the demands of your work in the office and at home.