6 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Standing Desk Converter

Are you considering purchasing a standing desk converter? It's no wonder, as more Americans are opting for an ergonomic workspace setup to stay productive and healthy, faster than ever before. One Facebook poll showed that HALF of all companies with more than 10 employees now have standing desks in their offices, and that number is supposed to go up to 75% by 2025. Whether a laptop stand or an elevated desk, investing in the right equipment might cost a little up front. However, it can help prevent physical discomfort down the road, which can save a lot of lost time from illness (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say). That being said, there is undoubtedly a wide selection on the market today. Without asking yourself critical questions before making your purchase, selecting an appropriate product that will provide long-term support and convenience may be difficult. Read on to find out what six essential inquiries should always be asked before buying a standing desk converter.

Is it difficult to set up a standing desk converter, or do they come ready to use out of the box?

The purpose of a standing desk converter is twofold. Firstly, it increases productivity by preventing physical fatigue and allowing its user to stay active while working. Regular use of a standing desk converter can reduce the discomfort associated with a sedentary lifestyle and minimize common ailments such as back pain. Generally speaking, these devices come ready to use out of the box without too much difficulty. Many models have self-locking mechanisms and simple instructions, meaning even those with no assembly experience are able to set it up correctly in a matter of minutes. However, there may be certain instances where additional setup may be required, such as needing to attach certain counterweights or securing screw fittings. Regardless, most standing desk converters can fit your needs by adjusting the height according to your ergonomic requirements and providing you with an ideal work surface.

Do you want a portable standing desk converter or is it for stationary use only?

Depending on your needs, it can be beneficial to consider whether you want the converter to remain in one spot or to be easily moved around. If you want something that can be moved around easily, an adjustable laptop stand is a great option but it won’t be able to handle heavier devices than a laptop. On the other hand if you need something that you won’t be moving around you may opt for a gas spring standing desk converter. Your decision should come down to whatever suits your individual needs best.

What Is Your Budget For A Standing Desk Converter?

Deciding on a budget for a standing desk converter needs some careful consideration. You want to ensure that you get good quality, so it may be worth spending a bit more to get something which will last you many years - standing desk converters can average anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size and features that you need. More expensive ones tend to be larger with room for more monitors and has a higher lift capacity compared to others. These features are important before you be able to decide on an appropriate budget for your standing desk converter.

Do You Have Room On Your Current Desk To Add A Standing Desk Converter, Or Will You Need To Buy A New Desk Altogether?

Many modern workers choose to switch up their workspace with standing desk converters. Standing desks can reduce health risks associated with sitting for extended periods, and they can also help stimulate mental processes and enhance focus. Before making a standing desk investment, consider your current setup. Before making any decisions about buying a desk converter or a new desk, it is always important to measure your work area and look at the other items you have on your current desk. It typically takes up quite a bit of space depending on the type and size of a standing desk converter, so measuring can be very helpful in determining whether or not you need to buy a new desk altogether. Keep in mind that adding a standing desk converter will add some height as well, so measuring out the height gap is also important to consider if space is limited. Does your existing desk have room to fit and utilize a standing desk converter comfortably? If you need more space, then you might want to consider buy a full sized standing desk. This gives you enough room for all of your current work supplies and the standing desk converter too. However, since most standing desks have a clean table top surface without any shelves or drawers, think about how you would manage storage and organization (or if like many people, if you should get rid of all those drawers filled with things you never use anyways).

How Often Do You Plan On Using The Standing Desk Converter - Every Day, Several Times A Week, Once A Week, Or Less Than Once A Week?

Depending upon individual preferences and lifestyle, people can choose among several frequency options for standing at their desk converter. For some, standing every day works best, while others prefer standing a few days or once a week. Some benefits of standing at a standing desk converter include increased productivity and focus, improved posture and less neck and back pain. In addition to this, standing frequently can also help increase overall energy levels and metabolism. For those unable to stand all day, standing for even 15 minutes per hour could make a difference in one's health condition

What Accessories Can I Use With a Standing Desk Converter?

There are some accessories that you can add to your workspace to further optimize it for wellness and productivity. A balance board is especially useful for dynamic movement during the day--it engages muscles in the core and lower body, improving balance, stability, and flexibility over prolonged periods of time. An anti-fatigue mat can be used underneath your feet to provide comfort while standing at the desk, as well as to reduce strain on your joints. Additionally, if you need a break from standing but do not want to sit in a traditional office chair, try out a wobble chair! These special chairs provide gentle balance while promoting mobility and posture control. With these simple additions, you'll be sure to enjoy your new standing desk experience in greater comfort and style.

Final Thoughts

When shopping for a standing desk converter, consider your current setup to determine if you need more space or a full-sized standing desk instead. Additionally, think about how often you plan on using it - every day, several times a week, once a week or less than once per week - as this will influence what type of accessories may be beneficial in optimizing your workspace. With some planning ahead of time and thoughtful consideration into these factors, you'll be sure to make an informed decision when buying your new standing desk converter!