Different Kinds of Ergonomic Chairs to Make your Work Comfortable

We know how important it is to apply ergonomics to our workplace. A lot of experts have already stressed that. It does not only bring comfort to us but also helps prevent health problems. One of the famous equipment workers use in their working station is the ergonomic chair. It is undoubtedly fascinating to know some interesting knowledge about ergonomic chairs, and how they became part of every worker’s life.


What are Ergonomic Chairs?

Ergonomic chairs are described as office equipment specially designed to promote better posture and support while working for extended hours. Some brands offer them for a higher price, but the quality is definitely reliable. They are utilized to prevent or help solve issues such as back pain, poor posture, digestive problems, neck problems, and other diseases often caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

According to some sources, it was in 1976 that the first ergonomic chair was invented. It was known as Ergon and was created by a man named William Stumpf. The chair was intended to offer both support and comfort for its users. Besides, it also showcases some features, including spine support and height adjustment.


What Should You Be Looking for a Good Ergonomic Office Chair?

The following features are commonly sought to acquire an excellent ergonomic chair:

#1 Seat height. Of course, the chair must have an adjustable seat height. Typically, what works for most people are the chairs with a seat height ranging from 16 to 21 inches from the floor.

#2 Lumbar support. Every ergonomic chair must have lumbar support so, slouching and poor posture will be avoided.

#3 Proper seat depth and width. Commonly, the seat must be in 17-20 inches wide. An adjustable tilt, both backward and forward, must be present.

#4 Backrest. The backrest of the chair must be able to support the spine’s natural curve. Typically, the backrest of the chair must have a 12 to 19 inches width.

#5 Seat material. Make sure to have enough and proper padding to make sitting comfortable, even for long hours. Most workers prefer cloth fabric placed on a hard-surfaced chair.


Various Types of Ergonomic Chairs for Work

The evolution of working chairs has an enticing line of history. Various people and features have been involved in creating ergonomic chairs, mainly to provide comfort to its users. There are various types of ergonomic chairs available nowadays, and continuously aiming to offer the best for their users.

Below are some of the most common ergonomic chairs we can find in the workplace. There will be other since innovations are continuously bringing breakthroughs today.

#1 Executive Office Chairs. The executive chair is one of the most common chairs that can be seen in the workplace. This is because they are usually used by those in higher positions. They have a grand design, comfortable cushioning in the back, great seat and armrest, high back, and are usually made from durable materials. Most of them are composed of genuine leather and high-quality wood. Nowadays, due to the influence of modern interior designing and ergonomics, executive chairs can sometimes be thickly padded and may even possess more features. 

#2 Wobble Chairs. Wobble chairs are also equipment preferred by some workers because of the comfort and convenience it can offer. Click here to get to know more about wobble chairs.

#3 Drafting Chairs. Ever wondered what the types of chairs used by artists and architects are? Since they usually stand while they work, drafting chairs are the perfect equipment for them. Drafting chairs, like other ergonomic chairs, offers help in preventing adverse health consequences. They are specially designed to go with drafting tables and some types of sit-stand desks. Artists and architects can conveniently alternate between sitting and standing without putting at risk their workflow. These types of chairs aid in supporting their backs, as well as their body weight, and lower and upper limbs. They are often light and movable, making it easy to have them transferred in case the worker decides to change his workplace. Not only that, that have foot rings where you can comfortably place your feet while working.

#4 Saddle Chairs. Saddle chairs are designed similarly to an equestrian saddle. These types of chairs encourage a sitting position, which is similar to riding. Commonly, this is used with a high desk. As compared to conventional chairs, they are higher and help keep the lumbar curve while relaxing the muscles. Some people prefer to use this chair because it also helps in relieving back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and strengthening muscles. Saddle chairs are categorized into two: divided and solid. The first is said to work well with men since they can aid in reducing perineal pressure. 

#5 Conference Chairs. Undoubtedly, every conference room must have proper chairs and other equipment. This is because this is the place where your team and other colleagues are doing brainstorming. Also, this is where important decisions are made. Conference chairs are often featured with a low or mid backrest. It can offer better posture positions. When people are comfortable while doing their jobs, they can contribute better ideas and will surely become more productive.

#6 24-hours Chairs. Also famous as intensive-use chairs, 24-hour chairs are specifically designed for those who are working for extended numbers of working time. You can tell that they are exceptional from other types of office chairs because they are tested very carefully. They need to pass various evaluations before they can be used in the workplace. That is why they are far more durable as compared to other types of office chairs.


Final Thoughts

Every worker deserves a comfortable and convenient working experience. Every management must consider the fact that they have to find the right ergonomic chair for their employees. This should not add stress to long hours of work, or contribute to the dangerous effects of the sedentary lifestyle. When choosing the best ergonomic chair to use, make sure to be informed with the materials used on them, as well as the features they are offering.