Effective Ways to Make your Break Time at Work More Productive

Taking breaks at work is one way for employees to be more productive and efficient in their jobs. According to some studies, breaks at work are valuable strategies to leverage the energy, focus, mood, and concentration in the workplace. They are vital in boosting employee morale as well. Companies who are implementing several break times within their working hours achieve improved job satisfaction, increased productivity, and a better work-life balance.


Importance of Taking Breaks at Work

Just imagine individuals who work for a continuous 8 hours, sitting on their chairs, and staring on their monitors the whole day. That can be a clear sign of the risks that employees can be exposed to. The following are some of the benefits of taking breaks in the office:

#1 Reduces injury from physical jobs. Taking breaks at work can help employees get rid of injuries in the workplace.

#2 Boosts your creativity. Employees can unleash their creativity, which they can contribute to the company’s success. Taking some free time to think, meditate, and ponder on new insights and ideas. 

#3 It gives a chance to re-evaluate your job goals. During break time, employees can review, re-examine, and rethink their goals. What’s good about it is that they tend to generate new and smart ideas to enhance their job output. 

#4 It creates a chance to refocus on your job from distractions. An appointment can be overwhelming or too difficult to handle. There can be distractions that may cause issues to achieve them. Taking breaks can help employees to refocus on their job and become more creative with their job performance. 

#5 Helps reduce fatigue, eye strain, and other workplace problems. Working can be physically and mentally stressful. Taking breaks within working hours aids in reducing health issues such as eye strain, fatigue, muscle tension, and digestive problems. That is why it is vital to apply office ergonomics in the workplace.

#6 Aids in lowering stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can be lessened during free time or breaks. This is because the mind becomes relaxed and free from distractions during break time.


Make your Break Time More Productive: Effective Ways You Can Do 

We all want to be productive at work. Not only to become better on our job but also to enhance our professional career. If you’re one of those employees who would like to make each break productive, then the following are tips you can do:

#1 Eat your lunch mindfully. Most company owners give their employees thirty minutes to a one-hour lunch break. This can be an ample time to eat lunch- properly. It is essential to be mindful during the lunch break. Don’t rush, and of course, do not choose not to have your lunch. Choose foods for lunch that are healthy and nutritious. These types of foods can support you to become healthier, fitter, and happier. Avoid foods that are high in fats and sugars. Also, make sure not to overeat, since that can cause bigger problems at work and in your health. Drink a lot of water or liquids to avoid dehydration.

#2 Engage in activities that will keep you energized. During break time, it would be better if you can take a walk outside the office. You can do meditation, go to the gym, or get a dose of sunlight and breathe in the fresh air. It is also a good thing to do so you can free your mind from stress and burnout at work. Seeing new things, looking at the greens, and relaxing outside can bring back your focus and motivation at work.

#3 Get up from your workstation. The dangers of long hours of sitting are no longer new to us. Staying at your desk during break time should be changed. At break times, you should get up from your desk and do some movements. As mentioned before, you can go outside for relaxation and clearing of the mind. But if you don’t take the time to go outside the building, you can walk to another room to eat or make some conversation with your colleagues. When you stay at your desk or workstation, you are increasing the risk of a sedentary lifestyle. Not paying attention to its possible effects can make things worse in the future. It may cause dangers to your health or decreased level of productivity at work.

#4 Start a healthy conversation, socialize, and connect to new employees. Especially in big companies, knowing all the employees can sometimes be challenging. Getting to know them is crucial since they are the ones whom you will be spending most of the hours. It is also vital to feel comfortable with them, so projects and tasks will be done seamlessly and productively. Use your break time to connect and interact with other employees, especially the new ones. Eat lunch with them, ask their experience as new a new member of the company, and make them feel that they are welcome. This will not only help you to avoid the risks of getting stuck to your desk, but you are also creating healthy relationships with other people in the workplace.

#5 Take a break from too much staring at your gadgets’ screen. It’s a habit for some people to check on their phones first thing during break time. Well, you can do that to see if there are important matters that need to be attended. However, do not use it for too long, spending the whole break time. Try to stay away from your mobile phones and gadgets. It’s crucial to give your eyes a break to prevent strains and headaches. Learn as well about computer ergonomics at work to apply it in the workplace.

#6 Take a nap break. Studies are suggesting that taking a nap is a healthy way to improve work’s productivity. Some companies provide their employees with a ‘nap room’ which they can use during break time. It helps them replenish their energy and generate more creative ideas to contribute to the team. 

#7 Use your break time to make new plans. There is something great about making plans. It helps someone to get more excited and motivated because there is something to look forward to. Anticipation makes us thrilled to do something and make it excellent. Creating new plans is an effective mood booster. It’s a great idea to use your break time to list down new plans. It can be something exciting that you can do during weekends, starting a new hobby, or coming up with long-term plans. Doing so gives you the power to boost your motivation. Amazingly, this can contribute to performing better at work.


There are effective ways to make your time at work more productive. All you need is the right knowledge and the will to apply them. Even at break times, you can make something that can be helpful for you and the whole team. Instead of slouching or sleeping on your desk when break time alarms, get up and do the tips mentioned above. They will effectively help you in creating break times that are healthy and productive.