Healthy Habits: The Use of Standing Desk

The detrimental effects of prolonged sitting have been an alarming issue to professionals and medical experts. Studies have shown that too much sitting can cause cardiovascular diseases including heart disease and poor blood circulation as well as strained neck, back pain, colon cancer, and obesity because of limited movement and less muscle exercise.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study“Take-a-Stand Project” in 2011. The respondents are divided into two groups, the first received a sit-stand device designed to fit their workstation, and the second did not. The result of the study shows that the Take-a-Stand Project reduced the time spent sitting by 66 minutes per day.

Healthy benefits include reducing back and neck pain by 54% and improved mood states. It is recommended that using a standing desk at work can reduce sitting time and generate health benefits for workers. Standing desks certainly have health benefits but it must be used with proper orientation. If sitting too much cause health problems, so standing too much. It is recommended that users take purposeful breaks.

As interviewed by CBS News, Dr. Rob DeStefano, a chiropractor in private practice in New York City, recommends periodically alternating between sitting and standing. This means a 30-minute sitting and a 30-minute standing… “but if one is used to sitting, increase the amount of sitting time to about 45 minutes and 30 minutes standing is better".

He recommends purchasing an adjustable desktop (standing desk converter) that balances for a regular desk while moving it up or down compared to a stationary standing desk unit. If you are still undecided whether or not to buy one, remember that taking a stand while alternating between sitting and standing and having purposeful breaks after every 30 minutes or more of sitting will help you to have a healthier lifestyle.

All in all, having a standing desk converter is one of the best practical options in breaking the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.