How Affirmations and Self-Talk Can Supercharge your Motivation

There are times in our lives when we feel so down and needed a boost of motivation. There can be issues at home and overwhelming tasks in the workplace. Not everything happens as the way we planned it to be. That is why we must learn some strategies to lift ourselves and become more positive-minded. Affirmations and positive-self talk can both effectively supercharge the level of motivation.


What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are defined as positive words to encourage people and reprogram the subconscious mind. They can be effectively used to create the reality we strive for, such as success, wealth, promotion, happiness, and health.

A common issue from people who are applying affirmations is that these seem not to be working on their end. In an article published in MindBodyGreen, it was discussed why affirmations sometimes do not work. An optimism expert explains the things that should be done instead. 


Benefits of Positive Self-Talk and Affirmations

So, what can be benefitted from doing self-talk and applying affirmations? Here are some of what you can achieve:

#1 Helps improve mental health. If you are feeling anxious or stressed, you may need to have positive self-talk to yourself. Becoming cognizant of your thoughts is key to improve your mental health. Taking care of yourself also requires the proper care you should give to your physical, emotional, and mental health. Avoid bombarding yourself with any sort of negativity. It's always better to have a day full of positivity. You can be happier and think clearly if your heart and mind are free from negative thoughts. If you become consistent in doing that, you will surely acquire a noticeably improved mental health.

#2 Aids in Boosting Confidence. Positive self-talk can help increase your confidence. It's an effective way to uplift yourself through self-love and self-esteem. Each day, you must give yourself a conviction that no matter how many hardships you suffer, you can still overcome everything. You can get a new sense of self-recognition so that you can unleash the best within you.

#3 Improves performance. Have you ever experienced you're nervous before an interview? You then talk to yourself telling that 'You can do it!". It will not change your mindset if you will keep on thinking how weak or incompetent you are. It will always help value your skills and abilities. Utilizing and sharing your talents and making the best of them will be a massive help. The first person who should believe in yourself is you. Confidence comes from self-love. That is why we should promote the love and trust we have for ourselves. It does build not only our self-development but also improves overall performance in everything we do.


How to Have an Uplift with Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk 

#1 Get rid of negative thoughts. When we tend to welcome self-deprecating thoughts, they become overwhelming and may affect the way we think throughout the day. A strategy that you can do whenever a negative thought enters your mind strive to turn this into reality. Choose encouraging thoughts to make you think positively. This will become a hobby or routine and eventually a way of life.

#2 Believe in Yourself. There can be various affirmations available today. Just a type 'affirmations' on Google's search bar and you will be given various phrases that can boost your motivation. However, they are more than just reciting positive affirmations. It is believing in your ability, and nothing can hinder you from achieving happiness and success. Yes, you can practice saying affirmations, but you should also have a certain conviction. You should believe in yourself because this what makes it work. Trusting in your abilities will make you determine the significance of your words, thoughts, and actions.

#3 Be mindful. As we all know, words can be as powerful as your actions. To get rid of negative self-talk, you should be aware of how you should speak to yourself. Identify the issues first, so you will recognize what's affecting your self-esteem and confidence. Be also sensitive if you're putting too much stress on yourself. For example, avoid blaming yourself too much. It will also be helpful if you can be less critical with yourself. However, feedback and constructive criticism are also important. Use them to motivate yourself more, instead of pulling yourself down.

#4 Set boundaries. Sometimes, there are moments when the people around us keep on halting us from getting the things we want. There can be people and things that are toxic. Experts advise to avoid and not get along with negative-minded people. Instead, surround yourself with positive-minded people who can inspire you to do more.


So, how can you use affirmations?

Below are some simple yet interesting tips on how affirmations can be used:

#1 Keep affirmations short and direct to the point. You don't have to make affirmations long and complicated. Choose and on one or two phrases that you can effectively incorporate them into your daily living.

#2 Say them in the present tense. An affirmation is far from a plan; it's a goal set to be achieved today. For example, instead of telling yourself, "By next year, I will have my promotion", you can assert as "I am getting better in my work each day." 

#3 Make it a routine to practice your affirmations. Affirmations can be practiced at any time of the day until it turns to a routine and part of daily lives. Some people prefer to say them first thing in the morning or before going to sleep. Some others do it while looking in the mirror and during silent moments such as while doing meditation.

#4 List down good affirmations. You can be more creative with your affirmations. Try posting them on your desk or table. Stick them on your room, or insert them in your wallet so you can bring them anywhere. When they are always on your sight, it will be more solid and vivid in your memory.


Saying affirmations and promoting positive self-talk can create a positive mindset. This can dramatically create a significant impact on yourself and the people around you. Affirmations do the same, too. Stop doubting yourself and start creating new successes with supercharged motivation.