How Ergonomic Accessories Can Help People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We may already hear about carpal tunnel syndrome and how this can affect our work. This condition does not only bring pain and discomfort to people who often do typing jobs, but it also affects people in other fields of work.

This becomes a concern when you start feeling a tingling or numbness on your thumb or the side of your hand. There can be a gnawing pain that often you need to stop typing or working on your job because this can be excruciating.

When such a condition occurs, using ergonomic accessories can be a big help.


Delving More About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

As described by Mayo Clinic, carpal tunnel syndrome is a pain experienced on the wrists and hands, caused by the compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. This nerve runs from the forearm down to the palm. It is responsible for controlling the sensation to the fingers and the palm side of your thumb. This median nerve is also the one that controls the movement of your fingers and thumb.

The compression of the median nerve can be caused when the irritated tendons become swollen and lead to pain and numbness.


What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? 

Various things cause carpal tunnel syndrome. The most common is the repetitive strain injuries due to typing, computer use and other related jobs. It can also be due to congenital issues such as when the carpal tunnel is having a smaller diameter in some individuals. Another factor that may cause swelling around the base of the wrist is when a person often uses vibrating hand tools. Too much use of mouse and keyboard, as well as the improper working position of the hands and wrists, can be a cause of the high risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Who Are At Risk Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

As mentioned before, people who often use computers for activities such as typing, data entry, or gaming are the most frequently affected by this condition. Some people who are dealing with jobs that require pressures on the hands and palms can be at risk as well. It’s essential to put in mind that anyone can be at risk of having this condition when they are not cautious when it comes to postures and hand positions.


How Can Ergonomics Help People with CTS?

Ergonomics can significantly help people with carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s why it is vital to apply ergonomics in your working area. When you experience suffering from CTS, it is also a must to consult with a physician or physiotherapist. Another way is to use ergonomic accessories such as a computer mouse and keyboard.

Also, other equipment can be used in the workplace, such as standing desks and anti-fatigue mats. Be observant in your workplace. If you notice that your computer keyboard or mouse contribute to the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, then it’s time to change them into ergonomic models.

Having an ergonomic environment for your work will lead to more ease, comfort, and productivity. Other health issues will also be decreased.


Ergonomic Products and Accessories To Help People With CTS? 

The benefits of using ergonomic accessories include the promotion of a more natural posture or position of the hands, wrists, and forearms. They help in reducing the number of muscle activities as well as the pressure over the median nerve. The critical point in going with an ergonomic working lifestyle is that since the hands will be in a neutral working position, the symptoms of the carpal tunnel will not worsen.

Here are some of the most popular and helpful ergonomic products that can be used to prevent or lessen the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome:


#1 Wrist Reliever or Wrist Brace. To alleviate the discomfort and pain caused by carpal tunnel, keeping the correct wrist and arm alignment is needed. With the help of a wrist brace, you can stabilize your wrist, and you will not put stress on the painful areas. With this accessory, you can also allow your fingers more freely, thus letting you type more comfortably. In that way, productivity in the workplace is ensured.


#2 Wrist Cushion. Typing on the keyboard can also cause pressure to your wrist and arm, just like when you use a mouse. A wrist cushion, similar to a mouse cushion, aids in ensuring that your hand position is correct. That way, this will help decrease strain and bring more comfort.


#3 Ergonomic Mouse. An ergonomic mouse can help protect your wrist aside from the usual mouse pad that we use. Ergonomic mice are specifically designed to help your arms and wrist aligned in a neutral position. This office accessory aids in typing and computer use with comfort and less pressure on hands and wrists.

Anthrodesk’s ergonomic mouse is proven to help users work more comfortable. They are affordable and proven to be of high quality.


#4 Ergonomic pen. There are instances in your office wherein you will use a pen and paper to note important details. It’s an old-fashioned way but is useful in making essential things on the list. An ergonomic pen is one thing you can have on your office desk. This will aid in improving your alignment while writing, whether it’s for a long presentation or jotting down short notes.


#5 Ergonomic Keyboard. An ergonomic keyboard also aids in improving symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This can also reduce the risk of putting too much pressure on the hands and wrists. An ergonomic keyboard has a low profile design so you can position the keyboard in a manner that will let your wrists not too extended. When you reach your wrist for an extended period, this may cause pressure to the median nerve, which leads to having factors such as repetitive strain injuries.


Final Thoughts

If you think you are at risk or already experiencing symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, then make sure to pay attention to how to treat it. You can make an appointment with your physician or use ergonomic accessories in the workplace. It will not only help adjust your angles, positions, and postures, and promote a comfortable experience, but they will also contribute to your overall health.