How to Add a Contemporary Office Style with Live Edge Desks

Office design plays a vital role in making the employees comfortable in the workplace. Nowadays, most workers choose to have a contemporary, minimalistic, fresh, and ergonomic work environment. Business owners must not only focus on the aesthetic office design but also on how it affects the people working on it.

There are various types of furniture that are included in the workplace, such as the lovely live edge desks. Interior designers prefer them since they can add a unique appearance and can provide other functionalities.



Benefits of Designing your Workspace

Before we delve on the information about why a live edge desk is a great choice for your workstation, let’s discuss first the benefits of designing your workspace.

#1 A workspace with ideal design promotes employee satisfaction. We tend to spend most of our hours at work. This is why it is crucial for us to have a work environment that is designed amazingly for comfort and satisfaction. Employees become happy with their jobs, and they become more inspired to do better. A good working desk makes someone feel more inspired to unleash what is still promising of their potential. 

#2 A well-designed workstation creates a cozy feeling. Designing an office is also a chance to acquire a cozy feeling in the whole workplace. Typically, we add accessories such as pictures on frames, post-its, printed motivational quotes, and other items that can make us inspired and motivated. 

#3 An office with a contemporary style can boost productivity. Modern yet minimalistic office design can offer you ways of getting rid of productivity killers. When an office is smartly designed, it will, for sure, increase the level of team collaboration and highly efficient work results. 

#4 Designing your workplace can establish your branding. The way an office is designed can influence the impression of people and other companies to your brand. The beauty of your office environment can be showcased, and you will have the credibility of being organized, innovative, and modern. This can also encourage a lot of people to be attracted to working or being a part of the company. Besides, a company will be confident that the workplace will be a great place to welcome clients and customers in the office. Of course, it will be a happy place for employees and employers to work together.

#5 A well-equipped work environment creates a healthy place for employees. Nowadays, various kinds of equipment, tools, and devices can bring ergonomic benefits to employees. Some of them involve but not limited to standing desks, sit stand desks, converters, desk lamps, ergonomic mouse, anti-fatigue mats, and monitor mounts. They should be included in the workplace because they can help people to become more comfortable and convenient in performing their tasks. These ergonomic items are proven to aid in creating an environment suitable for the fast-changing work trends.

#6 It contributes to going green towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Along with the awareness about the importance of taking care of the environment, sustainability becomes a top trend in workplace designs. Companies must continue to choose business strategies that are environment-friendly. Choosing a live desk made from oak and walnut wood can be a renewable way to achieve a natural design because of unique tabletops. They are a perfect inclusion for people who adore the naturalistic effect for their tables or desks. It brings them closer to Nature as well, thus making them feel more relaxed while working.


Why Choose a Live Edge Desk?

Being unique can make office design more appealing. Tables and desks, which are made of live edge wood, are commonly used in the living room, dining rooms, and even outdoor designs. However, they are already making an impact on workplaces as well. The following are some of the advantages of decorating your office with a live edge table:

-   They are stylish, offer neutral effects, and can complement today’s office designs.

-   They are sustainable having 100% eco-friendly, natural finishes

-   You can depend on its durability. Live edge desks are acquired from hardwood, so they are durable. They are also easy to wipe and maintain.

-   Live edge desks are less likely to become prone to wear and tear. It’s important to make sure that live edge desks are made from the superb materials, and are crafted with intricate craftsmanship


Ideas on How to Add a Contemporary Office Design with Live Edge Desks

Company owners may be wondering how they can effectively add live desks in a modern-designed yet ergonomic office design. It would be helpful if we can all be aware of where they can be used, and what options are available to produce the beauty of the wood. 

-   Desks

A beautiful desk can be an excellent partner in having a great time in the office. Choosing to have a live edge desk will provide a one-of-a-kind environment. A desk with a top made from natural wood can also be a creative inclusion in the work area.

-   Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often placed in the centre of the living room. Interior designers are now becoming more creative in making live edge desks as coffee tables. They are more relaxing, calming, and more dramatic as compared to other materials used in making coffee tables.

-   Bench

People would love to sit and take a rest on a live edge bench that is smooth and naturally gorgeous. Live edge benches are also great for the bedroom, living room, study room, or even in the garden. 

-   Bar

A bar area at your home can be more stunning when you choose to use a live edge. You will enjoy your drinks and wines even better when they are served on a table that is uniquely and beautifully designed.

-   Dining Table

The beauty of the live edge dining table is undeniable. The grain patterns of the wood add a unique effect that it sets apart from the others. Your guests will surely enjoy eating and have a conversation in a stunning live edge dining table.

An office is a place where work and style must go together. You can add elements to the work area to ensure that employees will become more motivated and inspired to work. A live edge desk can be one of the best inclusion in the workplace because it will add style and comfort to employees.