How to Become a Better Version of Yourself as an Employee

Living in this world undoubtedly becomes more interesting if we make accomplishments and become better each day. Our life is like an empty canvas waiting to be coloured by hues and turned into a great masterpiece. It’s like an open field where you can find several starting tracks and pick the one that will bring you to the finish line. There may be trials and several challenges, but the passion and motivation to help you in reaching your goals can make everything possible.


Who wouldn’t want to excel in the field he/she has chosen? For sure, we all want to become better versions of ourselves. When it comes to our work or the job we prefer, developing ourselves into better individuals leads to professional growth. It’s not only about a promotion or recognition, but it’s also about how you improve your whole self.


Working in an organization requires you to follow various rules and regulations. You should also make use of your skills and capabilities to contribute to the success of the company. As you improve yourself each day, there will be more opportunities for you.


 Here are helpful tips for you not only to become better as an employee but also as an individual.


  1. Take care of your health; make sure to have good sleeping habits.

Good sleeping habits contribute to your total well-being. You should have a sleeping and waking up schedule that will work best for you. Train your body to get up at least one hour before going to your workplace. Use that time to recharge your body and mind so you can perform better at work.

  1. Strive to upgrade your skills.

Success in work and life requires continuous learning. Even if you already excel in your field, it would still be better if you can learn more to become more proficient. Always be ready to continually find ways on how you can put your skills into a higher level. How to do that? You can attend seminars, meetups, events, enroll in short courses, sign up for webcasts, and more.

  1. Get a coach or a mentor for professional advice.

Aside from learning from books or other online courses, asking for advice from the experts will also be a big help. Their knowledge and experience can be advantageous for you and how you can continue to excel in your work. Talk to a coach or a mentor about their journey to achieving success and how they overcome the challenges. Their insights will be valuable, so make sure to know how you can apply those things in your professional career.

  1. Improve your communication skills.  

As you spend time working in a company, you will meet various kinds of individuals, including employers and other members of your team. To build a great relationship with them, you need to have excellent communication skills. There are instances when issues arise in the workplace due to miscommunication and lack of proper understanding with each other. Learning the right words and manners in engaging as well as influencing other people around you is very crucial.


As a part of a team in your workplace, there are times your manager will assign you to do presentations or prepare some correspondence. You will also need to be knowledgeable in both written and verbal communication. Because of that, you need to improve yourself by learning some tools that you can use as well as some tips on public speaking.

  1. Discover something new.  

Even the experts keep on studying. That’s why it’s imperative for every employee to keep learning and to discover new things, tools, abilities, and knowledge that would be valuable to the company. For instance, what if you have a client who only knows how to speak in Spanish, and you need to discuss with him some critical points of a report? It’s a good idea to learn one or two foreign languages so you can be flexible in your job? You will enjoy that as well because you can benefit from it. There are online foreign language proficiency courses that you can sign up for. Whatever you learn will make you more proficient in the field you are working in.

  1. Grab an opportunity and make the most of it.

As an employee, you will be able to get the chance to have fantastic opportunities to improve your skills and expertise on the job. Once a great opportunity knocks, never turn them down. For instance, if you are given a chance to prepare and present a new marketing proposal, give your best to it. This is not only a way to prove your skills to the team, but you can also learn more from that experience.

  1. Do not be afraid of committing mistakes.

Most of us aim for perfection, especially when it comes to important projects at work or personal life. However, committing mistakes is rational; that’s why you need not fret about it. What’s important is that you did your best, and you’re willing to learn how to correct those mistakes. After all, life is continuous learning. There’s always room to grow and enhance performance at work. 

  1. Own up to your own mistakes.

When something happens due to mistakes, there’s no need for blaming, as it will only bring more problems to everyone in the team. Once you know that you are responsible for the error, apologize politely. Strive to figure out how to solve it, and try your best not to make it happen again.

  1. Challenge yourself.

When a big opportunity comes to you, handle it carefully. If it is something that will scare you, take it as a challenge. Often, the higher the risk is, the more valuable the reward is. Challenge yourself to do things you are not used to. You will then realize how strong you are after accomplishing it.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your colleagues.

Do not think that asking help from others is a sign of weakness. Instead, it shows that you are willing to learn from other people. This will also promote camaraderie and good relationships with your colleagues.

  1. Learn to say “No” sometimes.

Often, the more you say “Yes” to everything, the more you disregard your top priorities. Sometimes, you need to say “No” to pay attention to things and tasks that you need to accomplish first. An invitation to go out with your colleagues while you still have an unfinished responsibility for the day deserves a refusal from you. As long as you know how to say “No,” if you have other things to work on will result in a more productive you.

  1. Have a constant evaluation of your career.

Although most of the companies are conducting regular performance monitoring, it is still better if you will evaluate yourself where your career is heading to. Can you see a bright future with this career? Do you love your work or you’re just doing the job for the sake of the monthly salary? Your passion deserves to be recognized as it will lead you to a brighter career ahead.

  1. Create a new habit.

There are a lot of bad habits that can affect you as an employee. Those include smoking, drinking, and being too dependent on your co-workers. Those need to be abolished, for they will overrule you as time goes by. Remember that a good reputation, when damaged, can be too difficult to bring back.

Start a new habit that will help you as an employee. It can be a morning routine or a healthy exercise before or after your work.

  1. Keep a journal for your ideas.

Most entrepreneurs and successful people in the world keep a journal where they jot down and keep their ideas. According to them, some great insights are spontaneous, so it’s perfect to have them recorded in a journal where you can review them in the future.

  1. Embrace and take action for leadership opportunities.

Offer to lead a project or volunteer to mentor a newly-hired employee; you can be a better team member who will contribute to the company’s success. 

  1. Be mindful of the results of every project you’re involved in.

 Not every effort results in a positive outcome. That’s why you should also be mindful of how effective the results are from a particular project you’re involved with. Whether it’s quantitative or qualitative results, make sure you have something to be proud of. However, if the results did not reach your goals set, then you can always try and strive to be better next time.

  1. Stay positive, think positive.

Don’t let deadlines and feedback lower your self-esteem and inside strength. Every problem has a solution, and every persistence will reap the reward at the end.

  1. Learn to socialize.

Everyone loves spending time with people who are easy to get along with. As an employee, you should not confine yourself inside the building or in your cubicle only. It will be beneficial for you to spend some quality time also with people who can share their insights.

  1. Pay attention to your co-workers who are getting promoted.

When someone gets promoted, they can serve as an inspiration to you. Pay attention to how they work, their habits, and their other accomplishments. You don’t need to copy them, but you can use their attitudes on how they get such success.

  1. Never compare yourself to others.

Everyone has different skills, knowledge, and talents. The way they can be beneficial depends on how we utilize them. Do not compare yourself to others because the more you do that, your self-confidence will be affected. That will be bad for your workplace.

  1. Listen to feedback and value constructive criticisms.

We all have received feedback. And we know for a fact that they can sometimes be tough to take. However, as an employee, you should learn how to take feedback and constructive criticism positively. Ponder on the feedback from others and put it into action.

  1. Help solve problems.

A brilliant employee must do something to come up with solutions to problems in the workplace. When you become a problem solver, you will be able to help your colleagues. This will be beneficial not only to your career but also to the entire workplace.

  1. Stay away from gossip.

When you work as an employee, you need to be professional and give your best for the job. Avoid getting involved in gossip or even try starting them. If negative things are happening in the office, be someone that comes up with a solution and not someone that adds more troubles.

  1. Be grateful.

Never miss a day to express gratitude. There are a lot of reasons to be thankful for when you are working. Your colleagues are all part of what you could be grateful for. When you feel that you are losing the motivation to work or live, then take a look around and think about the good things that you have to acquire with your job. When you are grateful, you will appreciate everything and positivity will resonate in your personality.

  1. Perform little kindness each day.

Your workplace serves as your second home. So, it is terrific to share little kindness with your colleagues to make them happy and comfortable while working with you. A piece of simple advice or a small gift can soothe a weary heart and can contribute to better performance at work. Small and simple ways, when done in a daily habit, can make great things possible.


  1. Strive to live free from stress.

Although problems are a normal part of anyone’s life, still there are ways on how to handle or eliminate the stress they bring. It’s essential to know some techniques on how you can avoid the stress that can bring difficulties in achieving the company’s goals. Start taking action and focus on positive things.


Becoming a better version of yourself as an employee can also be applied in your personal life. In that way, you can develop your professional aspect and start accomplishing your goals. There’s no better time to start, but today. So, keep on going and make the most of every opportunity!