How to Declutter Your Small Home Office

Nowadays, there are apparent emerging trends of freelancing and home-based jobs aided by modern technology. In line with that, workers are required to create a dedicated space in their house from where they can work quietly and maximize efficiency.


A home office can be a haven of serenity if we want to be far away from troubles or uneasy situation. Often, it is a place where our minds become more creative and bold. Since this is a place where you work, it is a must to have it organized, comfortable and designed to how you want it to look like.


In any workspace area, layout and design matters. In any workspace set up, proper lighting and quality equipment must be present. We have to keep in mind that a setting expectation should be taken into consideration as this will become your basis and standard for making a clutter-free area.


A clutter-free environment can make a big difference. It also has something to do with our attitude towards work. But if you take a deeper understanding of yourself, you will realize that you need to be organized and start decluttering, once needed.


Effective Ways to Achieve a Clutter-Free Home Office


Keeping the workplace tidy and organized is a must for every worker. This is to avoid confusion and other issues that may affect the quality of their work results. There are many ways to keep a home office clutter-free. However, it takes a lot of discipline to be able to do so. Without discipline, the effort to implement the decluttering process will be useless. It may sound simple, but it requires the strategy to learn which things you need to keep and which ones are to be discarded. Nowadays, more and more workers are choosing to be minimalist to continue their work more organized and efficient.


Here are some tips to consider to achieve a more organized workplace:


Keep only the necessary

Often, it is hard for us to decide which things are essential and which ones are not. Keep in mind that the process of moving to a clutter-free environment is not easy in the beginning. You need to define how we see clutter, which can be determined as anything we used, loved, or anything that led to disorganization. From here, we can already select unnecessary items from our drawers. There can be sentimental stuff collected over the years or other family member’s clutter that are invading the home office space.

Removal of personal or household items that are not related to your work is necessary. Make sure to evaluate each thing in your workplace and determine if you will keep or get rid of them. Make sure to have a specific place for everything. For example, all files in your office should be appropriately organized for better reference. They should be named accurately so they can be easily found when needed.


Set a habit to manage your clutter

Being organized is the key to maintaining a de-cluttered office. But it takes a lot of effort to preserve the removal of what we call “excess” that would become a clutter. A simple scissor or stapler that you forgot to keep in the drawer can lead to inconvenience when finding things. Making sure that everything is put back to their places is a way of having better management of the workplace.

Making a comprehensive checklist of items to declutter in your work routine is a good idea. From there you can track every month all the things that you have in your small home office. This is to ensure that unnecessary things won’t build up and overwhelm people in the workplace.


Take it slow when acquiring a new item

Be careful when buying new items. Make a purchase only when needed. Often, people who buy things usually end up regretting because they only got new items to pile up. Change your mindset when it comes to acquiring new things. We always need to be reminded of the following:(a) Is this the item required in my home office? (b) Do I have good reasons for buying this? (c) Do I have a place to store this in my small home office? These questions can raise awareness in your mind and helps eliminate the clutter in your home office.


Purchase a space saver furniture and quality equipment to keep everything organized

Furniture and equipment play an essential role in a home office or any workplace. It should save space for your small office, but at the same time, it must also visually great. A standing desk from AnthroDesk is a space saver and has excellent benefits on your productivity level and enhancing the mood at work. They will help promote the improvement of posture and a healthier way of working in the office. Other helpful tools in the workplace are the cable clips (for cable management) to promote better organizing and to keep the workplace in order.


Assign a time to do rearranging

Rearranging and moving files from time to time can also be done to ensure productivity. This may take a few hours, but when done with consistency, the process will become easier and seamless. 

It’s important to do everything one step at a time. It may sound complicated and hard at first, but once you’ve made your office tidy, you will feel a sense of achievement in yourself. Often, you will spend most of your time on your desk. That’s why it is just proper to allot time to do arranging, organizing, and classifying to make things in order. Re-arranging things in the workplace can also be fine in the environment to get a new look and breathe of fresh air.


Final Thoughts

Decluttering is an effective way to make a workplace an ideal place for creativity and great work ideas. There are various ways on how you can make your workplace an excellent place to work. Follow these tips mentioned above, and they will help you transform your home office into a more functional and great-looking work area.