How to Improve Work Performance While Working from Home

We are still learning and coping amid the battle against Covid-19. As most of today's employers implement remote working to continue business operating, it is becoming a challenge to improve work performance while working at home. This work trend sounds great (definitely yes!) since workers can have the perks of working on their own schedule and closer to their loved ones. However, there can be a lot of distractions such as kids and pets running around and some personal errands that may hamper to complete a specific task. You can hardly focus on your task, especially when there are piles of laundry and dishes that need to be cleaned. You might be asking if there are still ways on how to create a productive day at work. Of course, you can always leverage or improve your work quality while working in the comfort of your home office.


In a Glance: The Benefits of Working from Home


More and more people love working at home because it can be more convenient and help create a work-life balance. Below are proven benefits of working in a home office:


#1 You can spend time with your family and loved ones

One of the most delightful feelings you can have is to see your loved ones happy. Creating simple and amazing moments and experiences with them are incomparable. However, when you spend most of your time in a company office to work, it can be a bit challenging. But when you're working from home, you will be able to witness the precious moments your family can give to you. These moments can make you more inspired and motivated.


#2 You can save more money

When you work from your home's convenience, there will be no travel expenses, no required types of clothes to buy, and no expensive meals from the canteen. The common line, "working in pyjamas' is true with work-at-home trends. Even during meetings with your colleagues, you can just wear a professional top and don't need to be on a complete suit. That's one of the perks of working virtually.

You might be thinking that it will be costly to set up a home office. Actually, it's not. You can choose a dedicated corner or room in your home and then turn it into a workspace.

Investing in communication tools doesn't need to be full of hassles. As a matter of fact, you and your team can use various online project management platforms. These include Trello, Zoho, Slack, Skype, Zoom, Asana, Basecamp,, Google Suite and others,


#3 You can work with your chosen schedule

Unlike the traditional 8-5 or 9-6 work schedule, you can choose when you work based on the job requirements. It can be a graveyard shift or a morning shift for you. It is crucial to keep yourself productive during your working hours. It will also be helpful if you can create a list of your tasks to manage your time efficiently.


#4 Working at home can be a lot less stressful. Why? Because there will be no office politics or workmates that are difficult to deal with. Of course, it doesn't mean that there will be no distractions at home. The truth is, every working-from-home individual can experience some instances where distractions can't be avoided. There can be kids and pets roaming around as well as invitations for events you need to attend to. Learning how to set priorities and make sure your to-do list is followed will be a significant help for you to work efficiently and productively.


8 Ways on How to Improve Work Performance While Working from Home

Improving work performance while working in the comfort of your home should be one of your main goals. The following are some suggestions on how to achieve that:


#1 Find your inspiration and be inspired each day

Sometimes, it can be challenging to be creative and productive at work due to some factors. What you might be lacking is a daily inspiration. When you are inspired, you can be more motivated to push yourself in doing more. Find your inspiration to get started, and remember that inspiration when you feel like giving up.


#2 Create an ideal home office

When you're at home, you can easily be tempted to work in any spot of your house like on the couch and bed. Although this sounds comfortable, this may also affect your productivity. The best way is to find a dedicated space for you to focus on your job. Your workspace should be free from distractions. It should be a comfortable space for you to perform tasks and assignments.

This is where you should consider adding ergonomic products and accessories. Instead of using traditional desks, choose a standing desk to help you get rid of a sedentary lifestyle. Use an ergonomic chair to prevent having back pain and neck pain. It is also important to personalize your space. It will help you feel more motivated when you have a place to work that is close to your heart.


#3 Plan your work schedule

It may be said a lot of times already. Plan your work schedule by creating a to-do list. However, it will not be effective unless you follow the list. List down your priorities, and make sure they're on top of your list. Evaluate the list every end of the day, so you will know if you are accomplishing the tasks. It will also be helpful if you take some time to list down your plans and goals before going to bed. When you're creating a plan, make sure to consider your most important tasks. Make sure as well to find your most productive time of the day, so you'll know when to do your most demanding tasks.


#4 Set aside time for your personal matters from your working hours

One of the challenges faced by working-at-home individuals is keeping their personal hours from their work schedule. There can be some tempting invitations that may affect your work productivity. Learn how to say 'No' for invitations that may consume your time at work. Respect the tasks you put on your list. You can still have fun and relaxation, but that should not be during your working hours.


#5 Be consistent

Have you ever experienced the feeling with a high motivation at the start and then suddenly loses it as time goes by? This is because we lack consistency and determination. If you really want to improve performance while working at home, make sure to be consistent with your efforts. Let the flame of your motivation keep igniting.


#6 Discover a new skill 

You can still be a better version of yourself while working at home. However, you should also be more curious about how you can improve your work. What you knew today might no longer be enough as competition becomes tougher each day. Learn a new skill, discover another passion. Believe that you can do better. You can enhance your competencies and skills by taking up a new course (there are many available free courses nowadays!). For instance, you might be working already as a creative director, but you can still learn marketing skills. You may be working as a writer, but you can also learn how to be a graphic designer. Learning is infinite, and taking every opportunity to learn more will be your most significant investment.


#7 Limit your distractions at work

One of the most common challenges at work is how to limit distractions during working hours. Sometimes, it's not easy to cancel some part of your routine. Learn how to acknowledge what needs to be dropped from the things you are used to working before. Aim to be more responsible and choose to value the things that will contribute to your work's better results.


#8 Stay connected with your work colleagues

Today's working trend makes us utilize the power of technology. Virtual meetings and conference calls are just a matter of clicks and press some buttons with various communication innovations. Do not forget to get in touch with your team members, not only for task updates but also to lighten up some difficult matters. Open communication will also help in effective task delegation and risk reduction.


Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that during these times, where work opportunities become more challenging, the chance that you will be able to work from home is more than just a blessing. As a matter of fact, this can also be an opportunity to establish a better work career and develop self-actualization. It takes effort, skills, consistency, and determination to improve work performance while completing tasks in the comfort of your home.