How to Keep Yourself Away from a Sedentary Lifestyle

The risks posed by a sedentary lifestyle have made people more aware of how to prevent it. We become more active in finding ways to work more efficiently and perform tasks more conveniently. Today's trends at work and home seem to be demanding; that's why it is crucial to find ways on how to prevent the adverse effects of living sedentary. There are various effective ways on how to avoid being stagnant and keep yourself away from the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.


Tips You Should Consider To Avoid a Sedentary Lifestyle

Keeping an active lifestyle is one of the major ways to keep yourself away from the perils of a sedentary lifestyle. Check the following tips and apply them in your daily living to achieve an active and healthier way of living.


#1 Choose to stay healthy and fit. Be aware of how to keep your body fit and healthy. Choose healthy foods and drinks. Have a regular exercise to keep yourself feeling active. Get a good night's sleep to recharge your energy and revitalize your body. You will feel less sluggish in the morning so you can start your day right. When your physical and mental state is in good condition, you can perform your job well and deal with the people around you. You will be more energized to come to your workplace and actively participate in the projects, along with your workmates.


#2 Take a walk or go biking when going to your work. If it's possible to reach your workplace in a matter of minutes, take a walk instead of riding a vehicle. Biking can also help to keep you moving. This will also help you avoid being stagnant and keep

If your house is near your workplace, walking or biking can be helpful to keep you energized and feel fresh to start your day. You can also get the chance to see the beautiful things around you. While walking or biking, you will be able to see the wonders of Nature, the towering structures, and the people around you – all can make you inspired to and be grateful. Of course, this is not applicable to those who are living far from their offices, but you can still make a way to make your trip more active.


#3 Do some types of stretching. Doing some stretchings can also help. You can do it while you're on your desk, or while at home before doing some chores. By doing some stretching, you can keep good circulation throughout the body. Various stretches can be done like walking outside, going up and down the stairs, or visiting a gym for a session.


#4 Gain the benefits of standing desks, converters, or sit-stand desks. More and more companies are getting on the benefits of applying ergonomics in the workplace. This includes utilizing ergonomic equipment such as wobble chairs, standing desks, and converters. They are proven to lessen the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Standing at work is now becoming a trend in most workplaces. They can aid in lessening back pain, neck pain, and other discomforts while working. Besides, you can burn more calories while standing as compared to sitting. However, it should also be remembered that prolonged standing can also be bad for health. With the aid of standing desks, you can promote a good posture. Excellent work performance can be achieved when you are comfortable in doing your assignments and other activities.


#5 Instead of calling or sending an email, you can do it by delivering the message to your colleagues. If you have something to tell your workmates about work, then you can walk around the office and tell them. This can be another technique to keep yourself moving instead of just having some clicks and pressing numbers on the phone. Having a face-to-face conversation will also be beneficial since the message can be relayed more effectively. In that way, a more significant social interaction and better communication will be developed among the members of the workplace.


#6 Try not to have your lunch while at your desk and working. Do not miss your lunch to keep you physically and mentally active the whole day. Avoid having lunch while you're on your desk and working. To keep you moving, you can eat at the canteen or a nearby restaurant. Your lunchtime can also be an ideal time to take a glimpse of the world outside, take some fresh air and get back to work more refreshed.


#7 Take a break for 5-10 minutes. A job can be overwhelming throughout the day due to deadlines and tedious tasks to be completed. Also, we are now all aware that prolonged sitting or standing can pose adverse effects to our bodies. It is imperative to take a -10 minute break to avoid too much strain and fatigue due to your work. It can also help improve blood circulation and lessen muscle pains.


#8 Have a standing meeting. Usually, meetings can last for several hours; thus, sitting can be for hours, too. This is the reason why standing during meetings is also promoted. Various researches have revealed that this strategy can aid in accomplishing productivity, efficiency, and smart time management.


#9 Take the stairs instead. Using the stairs instead of the elevators is smarter to keep you more active. You can make it a habit, so this can be a simple yet effective health routine. However, do not do this when you're carrying a heavy package. Lifting a heavy load can lead to back and muscle pain.


#10 Join an office fitness challenge. Have a fitness challenge in the office. This can be fun and exciting. Such an idea will not only promote wellness but will also develop unity and camaraderie among members of the organization. There are several strategies on how you can make the challenge as a fun and interactive challenge. Anything that can make you active and fit will be a great group effort. It would be wonderful if managers will implement such programs.


#11 Do something during your break time or while waiting. While doing your tasks, there can be some gaps or moments of waiting. It will be smart and practical if you do some stretches or exercises while waiting. Turn the 'moments of waiting' into times of being active.


#12 Create a morning routine. Famous people develop their morning routines, which compose of activities that can bring incredible benefits to their life. You can also create your morning routine. Some of the routines developed by some of the most influential people include exercises, meditating, doing yoga, and writing down journal notes.


#13 Plan for a vacation. Weekends can be a tempting time to sit on your couch and spend time while sitting and doing nothing. This should be evaded. Plan for a vacation or a trip so you can still have some physical activities. Visit new places and create new experiences.


#14 Utilize the power of affirmations and gratitude. If there are lists of things successful people have, affirmations will surely be included. They are powerful in turning negative thoughts into powerful ideas. They will help in making people more motivated and determined. Being grateful can also make people inspired to work with the utmost motivation. No matter how innovative your equipment or how conducive your workplace is, it's still how motivated you are that matters. With a positive mindset and grateful heart, you can achieve more and accomplish better results.


Keeping yourself away from a sedentary lifestyle can be both a daunting and exciting experience. Be responsible and consistent in doing things that will help you avoid the adverse effects of being sedentary. Make sure to get updated on the current trends and innovation, so you'll not miss the strategies on how to stay comfortable and healthy at work and home.