How to Work More Efficiently? It's Possible with these 10 AnthroDesk Ergonomic Products

Everyone is constantly finding ways to work more efficiently, especially now that it's becoming normal to work from home or other remote areas instead of an office. While some people still work in company offices, many people have already shifted to creating their workspaces at home or their desired location.

Many people welcome the permanence of having to work remotely. However, many are still struggling to work more efficiently because of unwelcome distractions, lack of space, or unideal working tools.

According to Tony Robbins, an effective tip on how to work more efficiently is to improve your environment. Your workstation must be comfortable, organized, and engaging to work more efficiently. But don't worry, you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on an interior designer just to achieve that ideal workstation.

Simply check out these 10 AnthroDesk ergonomic products that will help you work more efficiently:


#1 Electric Starter Desk with Easy Up-Down Controls

Upgrade your workstation and create a more productive environment with the Electric Starter Desk with Easy Up-Down Controls. It's a basic starter standing desk that will allow you to kickstart the habit of standing while working, which will help you to work more efficiently by improving your mental and physical state.

Standing while working helps reduce neck and back pain, which will help preserve your energy in accomplishing your deliverables. It also helps keep your mind alert, so you'll be able to focus and finish your tasks at hand quickly.

The Electric Starter Desk is easy to adjust to a sitting or standing height with up and down buttons. You can also adjust the frame width to a wider space to include all your work essentials in front of you.

#2 L-Desk Standing Desk with Programmable Adjustable Height Controls

If you have a large workstation because of multiple devices and accessories, this is the standing desk for you. The L-Desk Standing Desk offers a wide L-shaped working space where you can place all and any items you need for your daily tasks. 

This will allow you to work more efficiently because aside from a spacious workstation, the L-Desk Standing Desk also gives you enough room to transfer from one part of the desk to another. It will eliminate the inconvenience of setting aside items on your desk whenever you need to shift to a new task. 

The L-Desk Standing Desk can withstand up to 300 lbs., so rest assured that it can carry all your multiple devices and other items that you'll need to work more efficiently.

#3 ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter - Extra Wide

If you're the kind who has attachments to their desk, you can check out the ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter. It will allow you to convert your working table into a standing desk. 

Don't be intimidated by the process of having to convert your table into a standing desk. The ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter is easy to set up and will take less than 10 minutes to transform your work table into a standing desk. 

With this Desk Converter, you can continue to work comfortably by keeping your workstation as is, but you'll have the added benefit of being able to stand while working.

#4 Adjustable CPU Holder for Under Desk Mount

Having a lot of space on your desk is key to work more efficiently because it helps clear your mind. Free up space in your workstation by getting the Adjustable CPU Holder for Under Desk Mount. With this holder, you won't have to place your CPU on your desk or the floor.

This product will allow you to safely and securely place your CPU under your desk, giving you more room to work on your table. Its width and height are adjustable, so you can find the perfect frame to hold your CPU under your desk. 

The Adjustable CPU Holder can also carry up to 55 lbs. and is made with heavy gauge steel, so you can be assured that this will not fall or break that may destroy your device.

#5 Keyboard Tray

Another way to create space and organize your desk better is with the Keyboard Tray. It's an extended tray where you can place your keyboard, allowing you to have more room on your table for other essential work items. 

It has an extra wide space that includes a mouse area and a wrist rest that allows you to work comfortably in front of your computer.

The Keyboard Tray also functions as an easy-glide drawer, so you can easily adjust the distance from your desk. It also has a swivel function that enables the tray to be stored under the table, making it out of sight and keeping your desk organized once you're done working.

#6 Ergonomic High-Back Office Chair

It's important to stay comfortable during long working hours because it affects your mental and physical capacity to work more efficiently. The Ergonomic High-Back Office Chair will offer you comfortability and posture support as you work for long hours with its many features.

The chair is height adjustable that allows you to customize your sitting level according to your desk. The headrest and armrest are also adjustable, which will provide you with a more comfortable sitting position. The chair's back is made with mesh material that stays cool, and the bottom is padded with injection foam that offers a relaxing seat. 


#7 ErgoActive 360° Mat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Balance Board

Engaging in small physical activities during the day helps boost brain activity and improve your productivity. With the ErgoActive 360° Mat Standing Desk, you can perform fluid rocking motions while standing that will activate the muscles on your back, core, legs, and ankles while working. 

This simple standing and balancing exercise will keep your mind active, enhancing your focus and allowing you to work more efficiently.

Don't worry about getting tired using this balance board while working because it's made with top polyurethane foam with anti-fatigue massage points. It promotes blood circulation and muscle engagement that will prevent your body from feeling stiffness or tiredness from the day. 

#8 Desktop Power Station (Power Outlet, USB, and Wireless Qi Charger)

Charge all your digital devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets in one place with the Desktop Power Station. It has two power outlets, 3 USB charging ports, and a wireless charger for mobile devices.

Using this power station will allow you to power all your work and personal devices in one area, which keeps them within your reach whenever you need to use them. It eliminates the task of searching for suitable outlets to charge your devices around your workstation, freeing up your time and energy to complete your tasks for the day. 

Another great thing about the Desktop Power Station is that it has a compact design. It won't clutter your desk, and it won't become a distraction while you work. 

#9 Cable Management Spine

An organized workstation helps clear your mind from distractions and enables you to work more efficiently. A simple but effective way to declutter your area is to use this Cable Management Spine that will neatly route the cables of your digital devices.

This will help you arrange the cables of your computer, extension cords, and other gadgets around your workstation that will prevent them from tangling and causing accidents.

The Cable Management Spine has a flexible structure that allows it to follow the flow of your cables wherever you decide to place them. It's also adjustable up to 45 inches long and can be extended with other spines, so you can secure all the cables surrounding your workstation.

#10 AnthroDesk Self-Adhesive Cable Management Ties

Aside from clearing cables around your workstation, you would also need something to organize those that crawl on your desk. Arrange those cables easily and work more efficiently with the AnthroDesk Self-Adhesive Cable Management Ties.

This small but useful accessory will neatly hold your cables together, preventing them from scattering all over your workspace. It already includes adhesives, which allow you to stick them in place on your desk or the wall of your workstation. 

Final Thoughts

One good approach to achieving the ideal working environment is to completely revamp your workspace with all previously mentioned products. That would help you work more efficiently because you've already created a workspace that suits all your needs. 

But if you still haven't figured out how to create your ideal workspace from home, you can start with smaller items that will help you achieve that little by little. Everyone has their pacing and preferences, and what's important is that your workspace is comfortable and organized according to your standards.