Important Tips When Using Standing Desks and other Ergonomic Accessories

Applying ergonomics in the workplace can bring a lot of benefits to the members of the organization. These benefits include having a safer environment, higher productivity level, lower employee turnover, more satisfying work experiences, and happier employees.

It is excellent to know that company owners are now becoming more aware of how crucial it is to apply ergonomics at work.


Getting More Informed about the Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics

Every employee would like to work in an environment that can provide safety, comfort, and efficiency. Workers will have a hard time performing effectively when they are having issues related to their health and work processes. It is vital to infuse proper ergonomics in every company’s goals to make sure that people will have quality work experience. 

The benefits listed below are what make ergonomic items to be used in the workplace.

#1 Ergonomics aids to leverage work quality. Poor ergonomics in the workplace can cause workers not to do their best in their jobs. This may be because they are not at ease doing their tasks, or they are experiencing some health issues. With the right equipment, tools, and furniture, employees can do their tasks effectively.

#2 Ergonomics improves work productivity. Proper ergonomics is proven to enhance productivity in the workplace. This can be achieved by promoting good posture and using efficient ergonomic tools. A workstation becomes more efficient with the implementation of ergonomic solutions, thus, providing the workers with the convenience to become more productive at work. They can do more tasks and perform better with their jobs.

#3 Ergonomics helps improve employee engagement. Employees become more motivated to work when they feel that the company is prioritizing their health and safety. When employees are free from pain, discomfort, and fatigue, the company can have decreased absenteeism, reduced turnover, and improved morale. Besides, a healthy working environment can also promote employee engagement and better communication.

#4 Ergonomics can help the company reduce costs. With the help of workplace ergonomics, companies can save more and reduce the costs of some expenses. They will not have to pay for injuries due to an unsafe working environment. Also, since there will be less absenteeism and turnover, the quantity and quality of work will not be affected.


Tips on Using Some Common Ergonomic Items in the Workplace

It is crucial to put in mind that ergonomic products can only be effective if they are correctly used. They should be utilized to give comfort and better health to the employees.

How to use a standing desk. A standing desk is used to prevent the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. That is why when you are using this type of desk, it is crucial to remember how to use it properly. Determining the correct desk height, as well as the correct computer screen position, is imperative to minimize the risks in the workplace. Once purchased, check first on how to set up standing desks the right way. Experts also advised to alternate between sitting and standing; thus, using sit-stand desks can also be a great option. There are various studies which reveal that sitting for long hours, such as what tellers and other employees often do, can cause lower back pain and other health problems. Standing, on the other hand, can also cause issues such as having varicose veins. That is why, alternating between sitting and standing is recommended.

Purchase an anti-fatigue mat. To relieve fatigue caused by extended periods of standing, workers are also advised to use anti-fatigue mats. According to ergonomic experts, these mats can help combat the feeling of fatigue in the leg muscles, reducing discomfort while working. They also aid in stimulating proper blood circulation.

Using arm supports. Arm support is described as a soft padding placed on a surface area and is attached to the desk. Designed to decrease the pressure on the wrist while using a mouse, arm supports can also contribute to more comfortable work experience. Some users also shared that using arm support can dramatically reduce the chance of experiencing shoulder and neck pain.

Using a desk converter. A standing desk converter is an equipment placed on top of a worker’s desk so that a workstation can be moved up and down. This also allows its user to stand and sit alternately while working. They are usually smaller as compared to a full standing desk.

Using an ergonomic chair. It is vital to find a good ergonomic chair to work comfortably. Your chair should have adjustable lumbar support to support your lower back. Other essential features a chair should have are proper arm height and width, back and seat angle, and of course, tension control. 

Using an ergonomic mouse. It’s imperative to keep the wrist in a neutral position when using a mouse. Choose to use an ergonomic mouse, such as a vertical mouse. Move the mouse properly to avoid compression of your wrists.

Using a keyboard tray. Since typing and encoding can cause various issues such as fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome, it is vital to use an ergonomic keyboard tray. Keep in mind that the keyboard should be placed directly under the fingers, in a relaxed position. Typically, the keyboard should be able to be tilted to fifteen degrees or more.

Other items that can help make your workstation a great place to work with include quality monitor mounts, desk lamps, and wire organizers. When choosing a perfect desk lamp on your workstation, consider some features such as brightness and height adjustability.


Final Thoughts

When using ergonomic tools and equipment, it is also crucial to practice other strategies such as taking regular breaks. Taking breaks can help employees avoid being a victim of a sedentary work lifestyle. We already know the adverse effects of this type of lifestyle, thus, we should learn how to prevent them. Do some stretching and make sure to move around to prevent fatigue. Take some fresh air to replenish your thoughts and energy. This can also help your eyes rest and avoid strain. It will be helpful to set the alarm to remind yourself that you need to take breaks.