Interesting Office Interior Design Concepts

Every office design is essential for both customers and employees. This is because most employees spend most of their time in an office; thus, they should be comfortable, appealing, functional, and inviting. This will ensure efficiency and productivity in the workplace. On the other hand, customers would be delighted to deal with a brand that evokes professionalism and other enticing qualities. It’s wonderful to know that there are new exciting office interior design concepts that are introduced by talented designers, engineers, and other professionals from time to time. All we need to do is to get inspiration from them.


Importance of a Good Office Interior Design

To be able to work in a workplace with excellent interior design is more than just rewarding. It is a motivator for us to perform our tasks with pride and satisfaction. That is why every business owner needs to consider some really good office interior designs that their employees will love.

The following are the top reasons why a good office interior design concept matters: 

#1 Your office represents your brand. As we all know, branding is very important for any business. We should also remember that office space speaks a lot about your company. It is also considered to make a business unique and stands out from the others. An excellent office interior design creates a first and lasting impression about the kind of company you are. Is it something that is modern yet still evokes a classic impact? Or, is it contemporary and flexible for employees? Every office space must reflect efficiency and reliability, so your clients and customers will have a positive impression of the company.

#2 Attracts customers’ attention. Your office design will serve as the ‘dress’ for your company. When your office is full of clutter and is poorly designed, your clients and customers may give a bad impression of your business. Organized and pleasing office space can promote success and confidence in the company. An enterprise will attract a lot of customers with the help of a pleasantly-designed workspace.

#3 Promotes teamwork and collaboration. A good office interior design can help foster an environment that can be empowering and uplifting. With an organized and efficient working office space, employees can promote teamwork and collaboration. This can happen by designing an office interior with lounges for the employees, or even small meeting rooms. This can help in accommodating better interactions among teams.

#4 Boosts employee morale. When designing an office, you should consider a style that will establish a positive work atmosphere. A good-looking and comfortable workspace design can boost employee morale that contributes to overall productivity and efficiency.

#5 Motivates employees to become more productive. Remember that the people or employees are the most critical asset of a company. Because of them, the seamless and effective functioning of the business can be ensured. That is why it is imperative to make sure that the office space will contribute to better productivity and success. Employees may fail to work efficiently if they are in a poorly-designed workplace since they can’t focus on their jobs.

#6 Encourages a healthier way of living. An office that is ergonomically designed will help promote a healthier way of living. Having ergonomic equipment and tools such as standing desk, desk converter, and ergonomic vertical mouse can aid in preventing a sedentary lifestyle and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries.

Some companies include a fitness gym in the office building to encourage their employees to stay fit and healthy. Some others are providing walking treadmills so they can stay active while working.

#7 Influences employees’ energy and moods daily. The interior design of an office presents a significant part in influencing the emotions and moods of the employees. People who are working in a well-designed office are often performing their jobs happily and satisfactorily. However, they may feel down and less motivated when they are working in a poorly set up workstation.


Top Trending Office Interior Design Concepts

Here are some of the fascinating office interior designs where you can get some inspiration if you are planning to create a new or renovate your workspace.

#1 Industrial office design. One of the modern trends when it comes to architectural wonders is industrial office design. It started to become popular in the late 2000s until today. Innovating new designs and creations are bringing awe to everyone today. To describe an industrial office design, it is mostly made of aesthetic style, unrefined, simple, and rustic or urban. Present in this kind of office style are the following elements:

- High ceilings

- Exposed ceiling beams and pipes

- Concrete floors

- Hanging light fixtures

- Exposed ceiling air ducts

- Visible brick walls on the entire office space

- Wood and other natural materials

Industrial office design is often chosen by professionals such as photographers, engineers, architects, and other professionals for their workstation.

You can find amazing industrial office interior design concepts here. 

#2 Task-Based Office design. A task-based office design, which is also termed as ‘activity-based working space,’ is commonly preferred by most of today’s companies. This mainly refers to a workspace where an employee will do the work in a place that suits their job. Often, they are designed with cubicles or walls to help them have the focus and concentration needed for the job.

#3 Flexible workspaces. Another trending new design of office interiors is the flexible workspaces. Usually, it features movable tables, desks, and chairs. Some furniture and equipment can be foldable, too. Compared to the traditional office design, this type of workspace provides an easier way to move around the work environment where they can comfortably do their job. In a flexible workspace, a meeting table can be easily detached and set up. There are also chairs with wheels, so employees can easily be moved around. A flexible office interior design can also create a dynamic team with effective collaboration.

#4 A Home-Like Office Atmosphere. Some workers work comfortably when they are in an office that resembles a homey atmosphere. How is this achieved? Bright coloured and comfy sofas and couches are added in the office. There can also be recreational facilities like lounge areas, ping-pong tables, and a garden. All these can either bring relaxation in a stress-free environment. The purpose of this kind of office design is to offer the employees a place where they can take breaks and refresh their minds and bodies –just like at home.

#5 Biophilic design. Bring the wonders of nature into the workplace by turning a biophilic office interior design concept into reality. A biophilic design office rooted in the idea that people can connect with nature, that can result in better performance, improved health and boosted creativity. This also creates an impact on both the psychological and physical health of the employees by reducing stress and stimulating positive moods. Often, we can find in this kind of design are indoor plants, flowing water, fountains, natural lights and landscapes, as well as stones. There can also be paintings or images of nature displaced on the walls or in respective places in the building. Providing a view of nature can help in promoting a calming or relaxing experience; thus, they can work more effectively and productively in the office.

Stay close to nature with these cool and beautiful office interior designs.

#6 Ergonomic workstation. As we’ve read from articles and other online sources, sitting is known to be the new smoking. This means working on your seat for long hours can adversely affect your health. There are various health conditions related to a sedentary lifestyle, such as back pain, digestive issues, neck pain, fatigue, and several kinds of headaches. To achieve an ergonomic workstation, there are types of technologies, tools, and equipment that should be added in the workplace.

-       Ergonomic chairs. These types of chairs provide adjustable support to the lower back, thus, preventing workers from experiencing excruciating pain in the body.

-       Standing desks/ Height adjustable desks. Just a click of a button and this type of desk can be used to alternate between sitting and standing. You can customize the height of this desk to have it fit for your height.

-    Desk converters. This piece of equipment is attached to a desk to promote the proper height of your monitor and other tools used for work.

-    Anti-fatigue mats. These are used to prevent fatigue and having varicose veins when using a standing desk.

There are other tools and accessories, such as ergonomic vertical mouse and monitor mounts. 

Get some inspirations from these ergonomic workstation designs.

A comfortable and well-designed workspace will help increase productivity, boost motivation, and ensure efficiency. To achieve this, you may consider office interior design concepts that will inspire you to be more creative. Employees will have the chance to love their work more when they can perform tasks in an office that evokes fantastic design, a healthy environment, and a relaxing mood.