Still Looking for a High-Quality Sit to Stand Desk

It’s time to work again, so you sit on your chair, turn on the computer, and start checking new emails. After several minutes, you feel the pain in your lower back. You pause for a moment, but the pain didn’t go away. It was the same pain you experienced daily a week ago. You then start wondering what is causing the pain. Is it because of the additional hours you sat on your chair due to the overwhelming tasks last week? Or is it the chair with a hard seat that you’re using? Or, maybe it is your desk table that seems high for you? The truth is, these factors can be the answers to your questions. A sedentary lifestyle can cause back pain, as well as using a poor chair and desk. That is why it is important to know how crucial it is to find an ergonomic chair and a quality sit to stand desk.


Benefits of Using a Sit to Stand Desk

The primary goal of a sit to stand desk is to aid workers in alternating between sitting and standing, thus, preventing the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. The following are some of the benefits of using this ergonomic equipment.

#1 Helps workers to stay fit and healthy. Exercise is undoubtedly good for the body. However, it is not enough to prevent and solve all the harmful effects of long hours of sitting at work the whole day. Experts advised performing some low-impact movements, including walking and standing, to support the body’s metabolic processes. These movements also contribute to the achievement of overall good health. The body requires moderate movements, aside from the regular exercises, to ensure that we maintain ideal health and fitness. A sit to stand desk allows a worker to shift from sitting to standing after several minutes, in the comfort of the workstation. Thus, the body is not being stagnant on the seat because you can do sit and stand alternately.

#2 Helps improve energy and mood levels. When you move, your body pumps blood and transports oxygen to the brain. This process releases chemicals that enhance the mood. Therefore, when we use a sit to stand desk, we can improve our overall mood at work. We can become more enthusiastic, inspired, and confident to do the job.

#3 Supports workers to switch between sitting and standing. Medical experts advised workers to apply the ‘sit-stand-switch’ strategy to keep a good posture and maintain optimum health. We should alternate between sitting and standing every 30 minutes. This will help in preventing too much strain caused by putting your body in just a single position. With the help of a sit-stand desk, you can do it easily by using an automated button or a hand crank.

#4 Relieves chronic pain. Excessive sitting is one of the known causes of chronic pains in the neck and back. Since our body is engineered to stand and move, prolonged sitting can result in strains on our joints. Several health issues can happen, such as having herniated disks, chronic pain, and pinched nerves.

Lower back pain is one of the leading health issues that are posture-related. It also affects the quality of work rendered and leads to decreased productivity level, lost incomes, and increased healthcare expenses. The good thing is standing can help improve posture and keep the spine in its natural position, evading the risk of back pains.

#5 Aids in preventing metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome refers to conditions known to increase the risk of stroke, diabetes, weight problems, and heart diseases. Standing can help in burning calories per hour and activates the cellular and muscular processes. It can also moderate the levels of insulin in the body. We should avoid living a sedentary lifestyle to avoid issues in the body’s essential processes such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. Since a sit to stand desk helps you promote moderate movements, such as standing, your body will promote an improved metabolism.


Things to Consider When Planning to Buy a Sit to Stand Desk

With the many benefits of a sit to stand desk, you may be interested in acquiring this ergonomic tool for your workstation. Here are some of the things you should consider before buying one.

#1 Find out if you will need a standing desk or a sit to stand. Some desks are exclusively designed for standing. On the other hand, some desks have a sit-to-stand design. It is essential to know which desk is for you, depending on the type of work that you are doing. However, it is always a must to consider your health and comfort when buying a desk for your workstation.

#2 Do you need a whole desk or a desk converter. Another vital thing to consider is your available space to put the desk. Would you need a full desk or you can have a desk converter that you can attach to your existing desk? If you have enough space to occupy a whole desk, then make sure to choose a standing desk that provides exciting features. On the other hand, if your space is not ample enough for a new full des, then a desk converter can be your best option. It’s vital to know if the desk will be compatible with other furniture and tools in the office, based on functionality and aesthetics.

#3 You may consider a desk that can accommodate multiple monitors. If your job requires you to have more than two monitors, L-Desk furniture will be a great option. With its shape and functionality, you can do multitasking and, at the same time, move comfortably while working.

#4 Use an anti-fatigue mat. Choosing a height-adjustable desk can be more beneficial if you will use an anti-fatigue mat. It will help ensure that you will not experience fatigue while standing. When seated, you can use a footrest.

#5 Choose a sit-stand desk with height-adjustable features. The height of your sit to stand desk must be adjustable, since you may require various heights for various task assignments. You may want to write while standing, type on your computer while standing, and more. Also, if other colleagues will use the desk in the workplace, its height must be adjustable to meet their height preferences.

Other considerations that you should be aware of are noise, adjustment speed, and the brand. There are models of sit to stand desks that are loud and may cause distractions in the workplace. It should also be easy to set up and must not confuse the users with the installation procedures. Finally, consider using a comfortable ergonomic chair to make sure that you will have a comfortable and productive work experience.