Motivation in the Workplace: What to Do When You Feel Like You Are Going Nowhere

 There are times when you feel like you’re at the lowest point of your professional career. You may think that no matter how much you did your best at work, it seems that your efforts are still not enough to achieve your goals. You keep on trying but still you fail and are rejected. No matter how you strive to show your zest and work hard to meet your superiors’ expectations, still, they find your work unsatisfactory. This is the time you realize what you need to have is a boost of motivation in the workplace. It will be your tool to get back on the right path when you feel like you’re going nowhere.


Why Do We Lose Motivation at Work?

Each day can be different at work. There can be a great day when you can feel that your energy is at its highest level. On the other hand, there can also be days when you struggle to concentrate, and you fail to achieve your work goals. One reason is that we lose the motivation that can push us to do beyond what we can imagine.

There are various reasons why our motivation at work fades or eventually subsides. Some of those reasons are the following: 

#1 Lack of work-life balance

Flexibility is an essential factor that makes an employee satisfied while working in a company. That is why, when a company offers an excellent work-life balance, employees will be more motivated to perform their tasks. They will be more inspired to work and value their jobs if there are flexible work schedule options. They will have more time to spend with their loved ones and more opportunities to enhance personal skills. Lack of flexibility in the workplace can lead to employee’s burnout and work dissatisfaction.

#2 Feeling of not being valued

Although the company provides feedback and performance appraisal, there are times that employees may feel that their efforts and contributions are not being noticed and appreciated. When that happens, they begin to lack passion, commitment, and energy at work. We must celebrate everyone’s success and give proper recognition to the effort provided by the employees. It is vital for all employers that they reward the achievements contributed to the company. 

#3 Lack of career vision

There can be various forms of employee motivation. It’s not only the money or salary that motivates people to go to work and perform their best. Having a clear objective on their careers is another motivating factor for employees to do better at their jobs. When employees do not feel that they are heading into the progress of their career building, then they can’t be motivated to give their best efforts. 

#4 Poor management

Effective management of leadership can highly motivate employees at work. Managers should also inspire their subordinates to unleash their skills and always do their best at work. They should teach them how to overcome negative thinking and create a better outlook on life. Every leadership and management must be able to provide a practical approach to how employees can communicate effectively, focus clearly, and work with the team efficiently.

#5 Lack of opportunities for improvements

Employees should feel that there are opportunities for them to grow and improve. Training and learning opportunities are crucial factors to build employee motivation and strong engagement with their colleagues. Employers should implement programs that will provide their employees with the chance to learn, enhance, and improve their careers. They should invest in training and development opportunities that will be valuable for all the members of the organization.

#6 Poor task delegation

Demanding tasks and deadlines can overwhelm an employee, and that can lead to lacking motivation in the workplace. Employers should ensure proper task delegation among team members. Of course, they must evaluate and recognize each employee’s skills and abilities, so they will know what kind of tasks will fit them. An impossible workload can also affect one’s mindset about work, so make sure that expectations and demands are clearly stated.

#7 Conflict in the workplace

When there is conflict in the workplace, communication can be significantly affected. Although some different beliefs and suggestions can be present in the workplace, it is crucial to have a unified implementation of a program. When management fails to solve conflict issues, employees may feel less motivated when working and may lead to other problems in the office.


How to Get Back on the Right Track with Motivation in the Workplace

When you feel you’re going nowhere, it should be the time to seek where you can get a boost of motivation. The following are ways on how you can get back on track and become motivated again:

#1 Develop a positive mindset

When your mind is clouded with negative thoughts, you will not concentrate well on your tasks. That is why it is vital to have a positive mindset to get you always motivated. The outcome of your work performance will be based on how you view it. If you always think that you will fail, then you may not succeed in your desired goals. But if you view your job positively, then you’ll be motivated to make bigger accomplishments.

#2 Avoid procrastination

Procrastination can be one of the most common hindrances for someone to succeed. This should be avoided because the more you let your tasks accumulate, the more difficult it is to finish them on time. Do what you can today instead of planning to complete them the next day. You will waste time doing that. At the same time, you will miss a lot of opportunities because of the overwhelming tasks produced by your procrastination.

#3 Declutter your mind

Your mind must be free from worries and negativity. Decluttering your mind from the things that may hinder productivity will be a big help. Create a to-do list so you will not forget the tasks that are needed to be completed. Having a good focus and concentration in your job can lead to significant professional success.

#4 Build meaningful relationships with your work colleagues

Motivation in the workplace can also be found in meaningful relationships with the people around you. Open communication with them can help you find the courage to share your insights and creative inputs. Become an active listener as well and a team-player. Connecting with your co-workers can also be an effective way to promote harmony in the workplace. You will be able to have a more comfortable and efficient work experience when you feel that there are people who are supporting you.

#5 Rekindle your passion

Sometimes, the best way to regain your motivation is to look back and remember the reason why you have started. Ask yourself, “What was my purpose when I accepted this job?” “Do I really need to quit, or should I pursue my dreams?” Imagine how passionate you were when you started your job. Evaluate why you have started feeling low at your job. Then when you get the answers to those questions, it will be the best time to take action and become motivated again.

#6 Believe in yourself and your abilities

Believe that you are capable of doing great things. Avoid comparing yourself to other people. Instead, find inspiration from successful people who have overcome failures before. We all have the skills, and we need a boost of self-confidence to enhance and utilize them in our jobs. Never underestimate the power of believing in ourselves and our capabilities.

#7 Use your failures as your next inspiration

Remember that your last failure can be your next teacher. So, you must not be afraid of committing errors. Everyone can fail, but all of us can learn from those failures. We should utilize the lessons we acquired. The more we learn from them, the more motivated we can become. 

#8 Be active in the workplace

Keeping yourself from a sedentary lifestyle at work can help you have a healthy mind and body. Ensure to eat healthy foods and keep yourself hydrated. Use ergonomic equipment and tools such as standing desks, converters, treadmills, and ergonomic accessories. All these can help you keep moving while working and promote a more active work lifestyle in the office. 

Engaging in an active work lifestyle can help us focus more on tasks, thus, making us more productive and efficient at work. When a person is comfortable in the workplace and keeps a healthy mind and body, that person becomes more motivated to accomplish tasks no matter how challenging the work is.

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Final Thoughts

All of us can experience the feeling of being down and less motivated. When not given proper attention, this can lead to lower productivity and decreased efficiency in the workplace. The tips mentioned above can help you get back your motivation in the workplace and create more significant success in your career.