Self-Doubt: How to Overcome This For Your Success

We all experience self-doubt, at one point or another, in our lives. We come to a point where we ask our ability and even struggle why we are doing our best yet still the results are not enough.

We sometimes hear a voice within us whispering that we are not strong enough, or not capable of accomplishing the dreams we have. Such thinking drags our motivation down, and little by little, we create an obstacle that hinders us from becoming a better individual. Self-doubt gnaws us until we lose hope and surrender. 

Over time, self-doubt develops into a threat because it can lead to various problems such as depression, anxiety, and other serious physical health problems including chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, weight gain, and heart diseases. When not given proper attention to prevent or stop, self-doubt can destroy someone and hamper the opportunity to unleash your abilities to create massive change.


How To Overcome Self-Doubt And Achieve Success

Sometimes, confidence is not enough to overcome self-doubt. You also need consistency and dedication to keep your self-esteem high. Below are some of the most useful tips you can do to overcome self-doubt and achieve more in life.


#1 Stop comparing your achievements to other people’s accomplishments. When you start focusing on other people’s accomplishments, you will see yourself as an inadequate individual. Remember this: your success is not a photocopy of someone else’s success. We are all created with different kinds of skills and talents endowed. You just need to find your path and cultivate the abilities you have.


#2 Never mind what others are thinking of you. You are the pilot of your own life, so why depend on others to maneuver it? Do not let other people judge you. Do not let the opinion of other people create a limitation of what you can do. You can build boundless ideas. When you keep on worrying about what other people think about you will only make you hold back from doing something worthy for yourself.

You are the only one who will decide on your future. Stop doubting yourself; instead, get ready to face the challenge and believe that you can make everything possible.


#3 Don’t be afraid to make decisions. One of the common instances, when we feel doubtful of ourselves, is when we get caught up in a decision. When we are torn between two options of big choices, chances are we can be concentrating on the thought if we really are making the right choices. In the end, we start questioning ourselves and become afraid of the consequences our choices will bring. So, how to deal with it? Do not fret in making a decision. It’s okay if you’ve decided based on your intuition (sometimes, that’s the right one!) and in case you’ve made the wrong one, be ready to correct it. It’s not about always being right and ahead, what matters is that you learn something from it.


#4 Keep a positive outlook by reading and listening to motivational and inspiring materials daily. There are a lot of self-development books, podcasts, and motivational articles available today. There are also courses, free programs, and boot camps which you can avail and join for you to be able to enhance your self-confidence.

You can also subscribe to websites which have blog posts about self-development, success, motivation, passion, and more.


#5 Have a gratitude journal and write down things that you are thankful for. There’s no point of getting pity of yourself. Instead, you need to give up such feelings and be grateful instead. It’s better for you to focus on what you have rather than concentrate on what you are lacking. Count your blessings, big or small. A feeling of gratitude creates a positive impact on your mind. When you are grateful, you feel right about everything. This starts by creating great ideas and achieving big in life.


#6 Write a letter to yourself. All of us feel good when we receive compliments from other people. But in case you think you do not have someone to uplift you, there’s still someone who can cheer you up. It’s YOU! Write a handwritten letter to yourself. What should be included in the letter? You can write positive words or list down all the things accomplished. It will help you motivate yourself more. Such kind of letter will make you feel better, too.


#7 Nurture your relationships with your family and friends. As the old saying goes, “no man is an island”, that’s why we need to build great relationships with other people. Since your family and friends are the ones who have always been there for you, it will be best to create a good relationship with them. Make an effort to foster a deeper relationship with them because after all, it is from them that they draw strength and inspiration.


#8 Utilize the power of mantras. Whenever you doubt yourself, consider using the power of mantras. They are phrases that can help you motivate yourself and feel that you are valued. One of the mantras you can use is “You are loved.” If you can instill that mantra in your mind, then you will feel that you are loved and worthy.


Find Your Purpose And Erase Your Self-Doubts

As previously mentioned, self-doubt can significantly affect someone’s life when given the proper attention. Another important thing you can do is to find your purpose. When you do, you can easily find the path to where you can find your real meaning. When you know your real worth, then you can have a more natural way to erase the doubts inside you.

Here’s an interesting fact: a daily dose of inspiration can make your day more purposeful. But how can you make yourself inspired to find your purpose?

Being inspired each day is the fuel that helps you make through all day. Once you have something or someone in mind to which you are dedicating every action you’ll make, every decision is more comfortable to take. This does not only help in your daily whole being but also make you a woman to create successful endeavours in life. You become stronger, motivated, and eager to create bigger things! 

In case you don’t yet know how to start on finding ways to become better each day, here are some tips you can do each day.


1. Gear up to self-development and self-improvement daily. Do not be a victim of other people’s opinions. As the famous Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, dare to follow your heart and intuition.”  It all starts within you. Improvement in yourself comes from valuing all aspects of your personality. Proper care is given to yourself, both mentally and physically will help build stronger points of your daily living. Your decisions will root from the firm will that you have established and no matter how many times you’ll fall, you’ll get stronger each time you bounce back.


2. Start creating good daily habits. Why would you aim for creating negative habits? Each day is a new opportunity to become better and stronger. It’s always a good start to create wonderful and amazing things. As you become more inspired each day, you are also striving to become an inspiration to others.

You can also start writing in a journal. List all your dreams, your goals, your shortcomings, your failures, and your plans on how to correct those errors. Do you know that one common thing successful people today is that they write in a journal? Well, it’s not bad if you can also do that. Also, create a morning routine that can help you start the day right. Do meditation, exercise, or read something to reflect. 


3. Concentrate on relationship-building – and make it often. Create circles of friends and colleagues that will help you become more open to new and valuable opportunities. Fresh perspectives will be offered to you once you’re surrounded with people who can inspire you. It’s like building a network of individuals who can help you in finding possible ways to achieve more success in life.


4. Taking care of your personal life. Again, self-development starts within you. Free yourself from negative thoughts that are hampering you in finding valuable ways to start the road to success. When you’re genuinely happy and grateful, everything will follow.


5. Do more than what is being required. Doing more than what is required is a sign that you’re combating the blockages to your development. This often leads to impressive efficiency and productivity.


6. Learn new skills and upgrade knowledge. Life is a continuous journey, and this journey is a way for you to improve and develop your skills and personality. Learn new skills, visualize new concepts, travel more and widen your horizons.


7. Never, ever, give up. The issue with many people is that they lack the perseverance to keep going when something went down. If you fail… so what? You’re not the only one who failed. As the worn-out saying states, “fall seven times, get up eight!”


8. Challenge yourself and overcome your fears. Remember that challenges and tests are a normal part of our lives. Just imagine life without them… It will be less thrilling and colourful. Face your fears and overcome them! That’s it. There’s no point living your dreams in fear.


9. Surround yourself with open-minded people. Happiness and success are contagious. So, it’s a common sense for you to joins open-minded people to get more inspired and attract positivity.


10. Get in touch with a coach or mentor. Find someone who can guide you in building success. A great mentor will help you get more inspired in achieving your goals.


11. Always keep a positive outlook. This is the most important every person should remember. Of all the failures you may encounter, make them a stepping stone to becoming stronger and fiercer. No matter how many hesitations you have in yourself, a positive outlook can always save you from becoming stagnant in life.


12. If possible, try a new adventure. Life needs not to be inactive and dull. Why not try new activities, new experiences, and new things? Visit new places. Meet new people. Create new friendships. These can add spice and excitement to your life! Moreover, you can read a new book, start journaling, create a new product, experiment a new dish, or invest in new talent. Sounds exciting, isn't it?


13. Perform random of kindness every day. Little things done in a daily habit makes greater things possible. Just a smile can brighten someone’s day; kind words can soothe a heart in pain. People who are under some trials and hardships need some kindness from the people around them. Compassion is not measured on how big acts you can do but by how they can impact other lives. When little acts of kinds are given from the heart, the world can be a better place to live in. So start spreading the kindness within you – in small or big ways, they will matter!


14. Live a happy life; no matter how negative it may seem. Happiness is an inside job. It must come from within. Before you take the journey of finding the things and people that can make you happy, take a pause and look inside you. Learn to value yourself. When you find that self-worth, that real value of yours, everything will follow. Loving yourself first is the key to find and share the love with others.       


15. Have a vision board and follow it. Create a list of things you want to achieve, the goals you want to hit or places you want to visit. This can make you more motivated and challenged. You’ll be eager to have them achieved; you’ll be more inspired to make your dreams possible. Just a piece of advice: Regularly check and monitor your list to make evaluate the ones done and the others which are being missed.


16. Start a new hobby and let the world know your craft. Do you love to sing? Or dance, or paint, or write? Why not keep yourself in touch with what you are passionate about? It will help you unleash the better version of yourself.


17. Inspire others. When you have learned how to inspire others, you will be able to see yourself as a worthy individual. It will not only confidence that will be developed in you but also your relationships with other people.


Do not let self-doubt consumes you. You need to overcome this so you can unleash your highest potentials. You are capable of doing things more than you can think of. So, start today and get ready to accomplish great things!