Simple and Stunning Contemporary Office Desk Ideas

Your work desk can be simple yet stunning. Of course, it should also be a place for efficiency and productivity. You can also customize it the way you want it to be- comfortable and ergonomic. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to create simple and gorgeous contemporary office desk ideas, then you’ll love this article. We’ve compiled some of the stunning desk ideas to make your workstation a great space for your job.


10 Contemporary Office Desk Ideas- Go for Simple and Stunning!

A beautiful desk can be made of simple to gorgeous items such as a desk and other accessories. Some desks are designed to look awesome in a small or big space. Just add some bits of creativity and effort and you will surely come up with an idea that will help create your dream desk setup.

Below are 10 office desk ideas that will absolutely inspire you.

#1 The Wave Desk

Wood has been one of the most favourite materials for office desks all the time. Its unique and beautiful features can be made into a head-turner. Robert Bro’s Wave Desk was featured in an article published by Freshome. How can this stunning Wave Desk become possible? The designer took two slices of wood that will be used to support the tabletop. Imagine how the stands are made into drawers by cutting them.

#2 Personalized Office Desk Ideas

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with thinking on how to make your desk gorgeous, then adding some personalized accents like few decor elements. It will be great to incorporate some items valuable to you like picture frames and indoor plants. Choose your accent colours, so you will be comfortable and happy while working.

An office desk accented with personal items is featured in this article by Freshome.

#3 Minimalist office desk idea

Some workers prefer a minimalist office desk nowadays. According to them, they can focus on their work and tasks more efficiently when they work in a workstation that is free from mess and overwhelming items. If you’re one of those minimalistic workers out there, then you’re going to love these minimalist desk ideas.

#4 Stunning and Traditional Home Office Design

It’s always a great feeling to work in the comfort of your own haven. You can choose a space in your home and convert it into an ideal workstation. One great example of a clean and organized desk setup is this one shared by Home Designing.

#5 Live-edge standing desk

More and more office workers are loving live-edge desks. For them, it’s like having a touch of Nature while they are working. AnthroDesk’s live edge desk offers a gorgeous and durable working desk. It is intricately created and can be used as a standing desk. Thus, it does not only provide a naturally-designed work environment but also promotes good posture while at work. It aids in preventing the effects of a sedentary lifestyle keeping you more productive at work.

#6 Modern Home Office for a Luxurious Space

You might be one of those lucky people to have a big space that can be dedicated as a home office. You can be more creative and set up a workstation that is perfect for your job. You can organize your standing desk, computer set, ergonomic chair, and other items for your job. Want to have inspiration? You can check and browse these contemporary designs in a blog post published by NetLuxury.


#7 DIY Wooden Desk Idea

Do you have a smart and creative idea for your dream desk design? Planning to DIY? Why not? This is also a way on how you can unleash your creativity. If you have the materials, you can start designing and creating your desk the way you want it to look like. You can have a wooden tabletop and then build some cabinets under it as a container for your desk accessories.


#8 DIY Desk with a Beautiful Concrete Desktop

If you want to have a durable and stunning desk, then you can try having a concrete desktop. One advantage is that it is durable. Another advantage it can give you is that there are beautiful concrete designs that you can convert into your working desk. To add more aesthetic effects, you can add more items to make your workstation look stunning and ergonomic. Use an ergonomic vertical mouse, ergonomic keyboard, and an LED lamp. Of course, you can also choose between an ergonomic high chair or a wobble chair.


#9 Nature-inspired Desk Setup

If you’re going to search online for the hottest desk ideas nowadays, you will find that a nature-inspired desk idea is included on the list. More and more office workers are loving the idea of bringing indoor plants into their workstation. Some even place a pot of succulents and cacti on top of their desks. Plants are proven to freshen the air, get rid of impurities, and bring more oxygen to the workplace. As a result, people will have a better focus and concentration resulting in more productive work results. Of course, to make a more effective workspace, you should choose ergonomic equipment including standing desks, desk converters, and ergonomic chairs. Put in mind that it’s always a must to consider your health first. Your physical and mental health conditions can be the best investments that you can make.


#10 L-Shaped Desk for a More Flexible Space

The jobs today sometimes require multitasking. To keep up with this kind of work demand, it is important to use a desk that can accommodate the tools, devices, and accessories that you need. AnthroDesks L-shaped desk can accommodate two-three monitors. There are still spaces available for your cable management spine to keep cables and wires organized. This type of desk is also ideal if you want to save some space or if you have limited space for your dream office.


Final Thoughts

We all have a dream space where we can do our jobs and assignments. We want it to be an ideal area that will help us become more productive and generate positive work results. The great news is that you can never run out of ideas because there are a lot of resources that you can use. You can check online sources and other inspirations from magazines and social media. There are countless simple and stunning contemporary office desk ideas that you can try. Just add a bit of creativity, effort, and more curiosity so you can come up with more beautiful and ergonomic desk ideas.