Standing Desks: A Healthy Choice for your Home Office

Working in a home office is now an emerging trend that boosts freelancing careers. Not only does it offer an opportunity to work in the comfort of your own time and place, but it also provides balance in professional and personal career. When it comes to having a great set up of a home office, ergonomics plays a significant role. It is a smart idea to include a standing desk to ensure that you will work comfortably and prevent a sedentary work lifestyle.


Advantages of Working at a Home Office

There are various exciting trends related to freelancing and home office jobs.

#1 Flexibility in schedule. One of the main benefits of freelancing is the freedom to work at a more flexible working schedule. They are not urged to work on fixed schedules, and they are also not required to be closely supervised.

#2 Achieving a work-life balance. Home-based workers do not need to commute; thus, there will be more hours to spend on their family and friends. A work-life balance will be achieved. They will also have time to spend on enhancing their hobbies. There will be more time for learning and improving their personalities. 

#3 They will save more money. Since home-based workers will not need to commute, they will save more money. They will not experience stressful traffic going to their work offices. Working at home can alleviate the experience of having an unpleasant and stressful environment. Several hours of commuting can be overwhelming for some. 

#4 They will have the freedom to choose where they work. One remarkable benefit of being a freelancer is that you can work anywhere as long as you have the tools and equipment. You can do your job even while travelling or having your vacation.

You will be able to manage other activities such as creating a grocery shopping list, doing chores, and others. You can also attend your other appointments.

#5 They can save time getting prepared for work. Since your workspace will be your home, you will then have more time to prepare for your work. You can also do some exercises, start a new recreation, or invest in other learning opportunities.

#6 Working remotely can aid in boosting productivity. Distractions can be common at work. If you want to avoid them, then you should have an ideal work environment. Some sources of distractions include noise, machines working in the area, conversations with colleagues, and more. A busy work environment can restrict the level of productivity of employees.

When you work at home, you will be more comfortable since you can focus well on your task. There will be fewer distractions in your workspace. This is, of course, achievable when you set up your workspace correctly. 

#7 Working at home can help you stay fit and healthy. Working at home can be an ideal work style to help you stay fit and healthy. You can prepare cooked foods which are healthy for the body. You can also have time to do some exercises to stay fit and healthy.


Design Your Workspace for Comfort and Productivity 

It is vital to design your home office to promote maximum productivity and efficiency. You can ensure an effective home working routine, which promotes a better working lifestyle as compared when working in an office-based environment. 

A customized home office will provide the things required to accomplish tasks in the most effective way. Choose a good area in your home that you will make as your workstation. Make sure it is free from interruptions and promote a more consistent workflow of tasks and performance. Keep your home office organized and free from clutter. It will also be a great idea to utilize ergonomic equipment and tools to promote comfort and boost productivity. Since standing desks have been proven to be effective as a part of a work environment, these standing desks should also be included in your home office.


Benefits of Using Standing Desks in a Home Office

In an article published by WebMD, there are various benefits of standing that are being discussed. Several health benefits of standing desks are also shared, such as being more productive, reducing back pain, burning more calories, and more.

The following are the summarized health benefits of using standing desks in a home office.

#1 Standing desks help improve posture. A lot of working individuals start to hunch when they remain seated for long hours. These can lead to the development of commonly posture-related health problems. Since sitting has been tagged as a dangerous working lifestyle because it brings a sedentary lifestyle, standing can help alleviate its negative effects. With the help of a standing desk, your body will be promoting a better posture when working. They will help improve your core muscles and improve your overall work performance.

#2 Standing desks aid in improving energy levels. When you sit for long hours, your mind and body will be at risk of feeling tired and fatigued. Therefore, to avoid such conditions, you need to start making changes in your work lifestyle. Alternating between sitting and standing can help increase blood flow in your body, which aids in making you feel more alert and active. You will be more focused and have a better concentration on your work. 

#3 Standing desks are proven to help in reducing back pain. There have been several studies that are conducted which found out that using a sit stand desk at work can help reduce back pain. Working professionals, including freelancers, often spend long hours working on their computers. That can lead to experiencing strain, fatigue, and back pain. When neglected, these can worsen and lead to more serious concerns and health issues. Experts advised incorporating standing into your daily work routines to reduce chronic pain due to a sedentary lifestyle.

#4 Standing desks aid in eliminating the risks of health problems in the future. Since standing and moving around the workplace can reduce the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle, you will be far from having health problems in the future. As we all know, sitting for long hours is linked to increased risks of having diabetes, heart problems, weight issues, and other posture-related ailments. Having a standing desk, as well as other ergonomic equipment and accessories, will be of great help.


Working at a home office is undeniably a great way to work more comfortably and productively. It offers various benefits not only when it comes to your work performance, but also your health. Browse our high-quality standing desks, converters, and ergonomic accessories to level up your work experience.