Staying At Home: Health Reminders for Remote Employees

As we all face this Covid-19 pandemic, we are also learning the ways on how to deal with the new norms. Although this problem is focused on health issues, it also has a significant impact on other sectors, such as economic, social, and personal living. It is a big challenge for every country in the world to make their people continue their lifestyles while staying healthy. Nowadays, most of us are staying at home and prefer to work remotely. This is, by far, one of the most convenient work trends that people are embracing today. If you’re one of the millions of remote workers in the world today, keep in mind that there are essential things that you should consider. One of these is how to stay healthy while aiming to be top of the game. Staying at home should also be promoting good health while at work.


Tips to Remember While Staying at Home


It sounds good to hear that we can work in the comfort of anywhere – that’s a perk every remote worker can have. Nevertheless, it’s not always the good side that we should focus on. There can also be some risks when it comes to staying on top of your performance at work. It would be best if you stayed healthy to ensure that you accomplish your tasks with high quality and better results.

In line with that, below are some reminders for remote workers on how to be healthy while staying at home and working remotely.


#1 Choose healthy foods

Fuel up your body with the right engine oil – that’s how you should be taking care of yourself. Choose healthy foods and avoid snacks that are too salty and fatty. Eat fruits and vegetables. Do not skip breakfast; it’s still the most important meal of the day. Avoid too much alcohol; it may affect your focus at work. Take some vitamins or food supplements to keep your body healthy.


#2 Keep yourself hydrated

Experts advised drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day. This will keep the body hydrated. It will also help you energize and replenish nutrients in the body. You can also take some fresh juices and fruits with lots of water content such as watermelons and citrus.


#3 Avoid staring too much on your computer screen

Have you heard about computer vision syndrome? This condition is caused by too much staring and using the computer monitor screen. You should avoid this practice to prevent having headaches, pains, and migraines. Make sure to set your screen on proper resolution or use a screen protector.


#4 Get enough sleep

Sleeping is one of the best forms of sleep. This is when most cells of the body regenerate. It is also when you take some more energy and become ready for the next day. Aim to have 8 hours of sleep each day.


#5 Use ergonomic tools and accessories

Working at home can be more effective and productive when you use the proper tools and equipment. Standing desks can help alleviate the adverse effects caused by a sedentary lifestyle. AnthroDesk offers a wide range of quality standing desks- both with manual and programmable features. Also, using an ergonomic vertical mouse is recommended. This helps prevent having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other strain-related conditions. Other ergonomic tools and accessories that you should include in your workstations include anti-fatigue mats, desk converters, LED desk lamp, and monitor mounts. You can check all AnthroDesk’s ergonomic accessories here.


#6 Spend some time for a vacation

There should also be time for relaxation and pampering of yourself. You can plan a vacation to a place you’ve never been to before. It will help you become more creative and indulge in learning new things. Meeting new people and making friends with Nature will make you more inspired to do more and accomplish more significant things.


#7 Manage stress properly

Stress can often be a distracting force at work. With today’s demanding work trends, stress is often inevitable. However, experts advised that it can be managed effectively. Instead of sulking yourself into how stress can affect your performance, learn the ways on how to manage it. Find things on how you can relax, even amid pressure and challenging times. Learn how to meditate or pause to make sure that your mind and body will work harmoniously with each other. Be happy and love what you are doing. Be passionate and open-minded.


#8 Create a to-do list

When you are always confused and are forcing your mind to think about how to complete tasks in a limited time, you are actually putting your health at risk. It’s because you’re inviting stress into your system. It will be helpful if you will learn how to manage your time wisely. A wise step is to create a to-do list with all the tasks listed. You will feel satisfied and more motivated when you start checking the tasks you have already completed. Of course, this can also be an effective technique to evaluate the tasks that are consuming most of your take and which ones need more attention from you. Just remember that when you create a to-do list, you have to be responsible for following it. Be responsible and consistent in developing what’s on the list to ensure efficiency and productivity.


#9 Stay happy and motivated

Work with a happy heart. Smile, laugh and share stories. Happiness is proven to make you more motivated at work. When you’re delighted and happy at work, you can be more active and achieve more with your job. You can also establish more meaningful communication with your colleagues that will surely boost your motivation in your work.


#10 Always aim to do better

Dreaming high or aiming for a realistic goal can both create an impact on how you create a successful work career. When you have a clear concept of your target goals, you will be more motivated to exert effort and taking action. There is something that is pushing you to go beyond your limits. There is a dream that is inspiring you to become a better version of yourself.


Final Thoughts

Working remotely offers many benefits to people who would like to create a professional career in the new normal. While staying at home and working remotely, you should remember and follow some tips to stay healthy and perform tasks productively.