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Have you been experiencing back pain and discomfort in your lower spine? The pain becomes extreme as you sit for longer hours. You may have taken medicines, and yet, there is still no effect. However, you might not be knowledgeable of it, but you may be experiencing an anterior pelvic tilt. Commonly, the anterior pelvic tilt is due to the shortening of the hip flexors and the lengthening of the hip extensors. This ends in an increased curvature of the upper back and the lower spine. It would be interesting to know the causes of anterior pelvic pain to prevent it.

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Working from home continues to create a buzz nowadays. First, due to the current pandemic, a lot of workers choose to work remotely or from their homes. Another reason is that working from home has been known to provide various benefits such as achieving work-life balance and better opportunities in leveraging careers. If you’re one of the young professionals nowadays, who may just graduate and is looking for a job, or someone who has just started to establish a career, then working from home can be ideal. Let this work trend open new doors for you to create a journey towards a successful career.

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