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If you are a leader or a manager is not always easy to manage people. Sometimes you want to lead, but it seems that your team is not listening and looks like your not doing your job well. Here are some of the essential tips on how you can manage your team well.

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Every worker has its own behaviour, not everyone’s working style is the same; it depends a lot on the individual’s personality. Some of the practices are passed on from workers to workers as these are able to adapt to their bosses or direct superiors. Many of us tend to copy the personality or demeanour of our immediate superiors especially if these are effective in leading the team.

Even though workers most of the time are used to the way they work around the office, there is always room for improvement on how they can perform better. Here are some negative behaviours that make an employee unproductive and prevents them from becoming a better worker.

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Sitting all day is not good for the health, and it destroys our body. Everybody knows this, but we ignore all the signals. Humans are not designed to sit all day. So it is best to switch between standing and sitting while working.

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