The Best Standing Desk Mat (So Far)

When using a standing desk converter, it is expected that you’ll need an anti-fatigue mat to keep your feet comfortable over extended hours standing while you work. Anti-fatigue mats - defined by CCOHS or Canadian Center for Occupational Health Center - are devised to reduce fatigue caused by extended periods of standing on hard surfaces such as cement floors and ceramic tiles. There are various materials a fatigue-reducing mat can be made such as rubber, carpeting materials, vinyl, and wood.


The Canadian Center for Occupational Health Center provided guidelines to consider when choosing an anti-fatigue mat to use on your workstation.

  • Identify the purpose of the mat. There are various types of mats such as exercise mat, anti-slip mat, and anti-fatigue mat. Obviously, each mat has different components and functions.
  • Select the mat that best fits your needs, whether you need the mat as part of your workstation, in the kitchen, or perhaps for your workout area.
  • Determine the thickness of the mat. The softness and thickness of the mat may affect its functionality and comfortability. Softer and thicker may not always be an advantage.
  • Choose a mat that provides some elasticity, consider that it is not too soft as one cannot stand comfortably and it may cause more harm than it is benefits to the user.
  • Identify the area or place the mat will be used in. Mats should not slip, or create a trip hazard. The mats should always have sloped edges that safeguard the user from a trip hazard. More importantly, mats should be easy to clean especially when it is used for food preparation.


  • The bevelled edges won’t curl up over long-term use. 
  • You can use it while wearing shoes or none over long periods without making your feet ache.
  • This model is an 18”x30” mat that’s a little thinner and shorter than many, but perfect for space in front of a desk. Like any good standing mat, its edge is beveled to prevent injury and tripping or having a falling accident.
  •  It is made out of a firm, ergo-foam material that makes cleaning easier and dries quickly


“ This is a very large comfortable mat that relieves my back pain. I have used it while standing at my desk as well as in the kitchen washing dishes. It provides nice support and a very comfortable cushion for my feet. It helps me stand straight and my legs and feet do not tire as quickly. “

“ It has a compressed, foamy feel to it with quite a lot of texture on the top that appears to be mimicking a woven basket-type look. It has a brown underside with a little bit of texture to deter it from sliding around. “

“I don’t know what the optimal thickness of a standing mat is supposed to be, but it sure feels nice. Not too squishy like a pillow, but more like a firm piece of foam. I don’t know how this works, but I’ve been able to stand for around 40 minutes at a time. That’s pretty amazing, like magic.”