The Pros and Cons of Standing Desks

Implementing workplace ergonomics plays a vital role in employees’ satisfaction, comfort, and productivity. The work environment also becomes a safe and convenient place to achieve the company’s goals. Ergonomic experts stated that the introduction of standing desks has helped in improving the focus and energy as well as counteracting the adverse effects of sitting.


Dealing with a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting for six hours or more in a day is being compared to smoking. Both can bring a toll on health issues. Medical experts have also given some reports about how a sedentary lifestyle can affect the quality of life and work we can have. Sitting for prolonged hours is blamed for problems related to health including digestive health issues, fatigue, migraine, headaches, strains, and discomfort.

To solve these issues, a lot of companies nowadays are implementing programs that promote ergonomics in the workplace. For example, stand-up meetings and using ergonomic equipment have created a positive impact on the companies. Standing desks, as well as converters, help workers to alternate between sitting and standing. This leads to more opportunities to move and promote better metabolism and better posture.

Adjusting your desk to a proper height is one of the effective ways to address issues in the workplace. This is also the reason why the introduction and utilization of standing desks have dramatically encouraged people to be more cautious and active at work.

Now, the question is: are standing desks really the answer to face the workplace’s challenges? In an article posted by, there are several advantages and disadvantages of using standing desks being discussed.

Summarized below are some of the standing desk pros and cons in every workplace.


Pros of Using a Standing Desk

#1 It helps to have more energy at work. Standing desks aid in stimulating better blood circulation, thus, making workers more alert. When you’re working while standing, you are less likely to feel sleepy.

#2 It improves focus and concentration. When you’re sitting for long hours, you are more prone to feeling lethargic. Your focus and concentration will be affected. But, if you have time to stand up while working, you will be more comfortable and create productive results.

#3 Aids in creating better engagement with co-workers. When workers are often seated, they can miss various opportunities. These include meeting new employees and talking with your colleagues. You become more aware of your surroundings and get access to better communication. When you have time to stand, or use a standing desk, you can develop better engagement with the members of the organization.

#4 Using standing desks can add motivation for more movements
Sitting for long hours, as we all know, can be bad for our health. That is why we should take a step in creating a conscious effort to cease such adverse effects. Using standing desks can help boost motivation because they promote better focus and circulation.

#5 Using a standing desk can help strengthen your core. Making your core stronger is another advantage of a standing desk. When you’re not using an ergonomic chair, then might as well your posture can be affected. Studies have shown that using standing desks or height adjustable desks can improve posture. They also contribute to more productive work experience and efficiency. An important reminder when using a standing desk is to avoid adjusting it where you will force yourself to look down at your computer monitor. This can lead to neck pain or a feeling of discomfort.

#6 Standing desks support better posture. When we are often seated, we tend to slouch or develop a poor posture. However, when we have the ability to alternate between sitting and standing, we can then promote a better posture. That can lead to a lesser chance of having back pain and fatigue.

#7 Using standing desks can lessen the chance of having chronic pain. Chronic pain can be caused by having poor posture. That is why sitting or standing for long hours, when not done properly can lead to various health issues such as migraine, headaches, back pain, and neck pain. When you are having those issues, an adjustable height desk can be a great consideration. Ergonomic desks and accessories can bring big relief.

#8 Standing desk can make you always on the go. When you’re sitting and was too engaged with your desk, it can take some moments for you to get up in case there is an emergency. Unlike when you are already standing, you can be quick in moving and taking action.

#9 Standing desks can aid in lowering issues related to cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Medical experts and scientists revealed that individuals who sit for long hours are more prone to acquiring cardiovascular diseases and cancers, This may be related to lack of physical activities. When using a standing desk, it will be easier to train your mind to do some movements such as walking around the workplace.


Some Cons of Standing Desks

#1 Your legs and feet can have soreness. When not using an anti-fatigue mat, workers can experience feet and leg soreness while utilizing the standing desk. At first, it will be uncomfortable; but the more you get used to it, the better results you can have.

#2 You can be more conscious of yourself. This may seem a bit shallow, but it can also happen in the workplace. There are times in the workplace when you will feel down and not interested to talk to anyone. It can be due to personal issues or medical conditions. When you are at your standing desk, people can easily see you. But of course, we should always practice becoming professional at work, so that good communication and better relationship will be developed.

#3 Having lunch can be difficult. There are employees who prefer to have their lunch on their desks. But when you’re using a standing desk, this can be challenging. It will be great if you can eat your lunch somewhere else. This is because you can do movements and make your break time a part of keeping yourself away from a sedentary lifestyle.

#4 Feeling of fatigue. In some instances, employees use standing desks in a straight of six hours or more. This should be corrected. Feeling fatigued and having discomfort will be experienced. To solve this issue, make sure to alternate between sitting and standing during work hours, use an anti-fatigue mat, use a desk converter, and make sure to take breaks.


There can be strengths and drawbacks of standing desks, just like any other item. However, when they are utilized properly, we can acquire benefits for healthier living and more productive wor results. It is crucial that you choose high-end quality standing desks to ensure that they will function effectively.