Things to Do on the Weekend (For a Productive Week Ahead)

For most of us, the weekend is the best time of the week. Sometimes they go by as we compensate our day with a busy week we had. With a little bit of planning, this will ease up your work jitters and will prepare you to take on anything that will come your way. Making a to-do list, checklist via planners are the critical factors so that you can start Monday very refreshed and motivated.

Making use of Saturday or Sunday to refresh and prepare for the week ahead makes a huge difference for the rest of the week. We need to adjust our mindset. Plan your week to set yourself for super productive work.


The following is a list of things you can do over the weekend. By making this simple list, you will have a productive week. Check it out below.


Meal preparation. The most important of all is to prepare the meal for the week. It is essential to list down on what you have and what you plan on buying before going to the grocery or market. This will surely save lots of time and decision making during the week. Always remember that an unplanned meal could end up resorting to having to take out. This is no good for your health and budget. It is better if meals are carefully planned for the week.


Use a planner and write down the weekly schedule. Sometimes all things such as appointments or dinner/lunch with family and friends are impossible to track. It is essential to use a planner and use it daily. When choosing a planner, it should have a daily task so that you can plan all the activities that you need to accomplish. Since it comes in a regular plan, you can already plan out the upcoming weeks.

Writing down your task for the week is a way to declutter your brain. It keeps you going and more likely to get things done. This also lets you focus on the week ahead. It is also essential to know what you've got coming up this week and prepare for it. Get some of it done on a weekend or plan time during the week and stick to it.


Take a nap. During your breaks, it is essential to have a rest for a few minutes. This is to relax the mind and uplift the spirit. Take time to refresh and replenish. Take your account out of stress.


Check emails on a Sunday night. For people who receive email on a daily basis, this routine will help keep you on track. Instead of reading emails on a Monday, do it on a Sunday morning. Take some time to delete spam and respond as needed. This will help you prepare for the upcoming work week, and it will help you eliminate cramming, which could eventually lead to stress.


Choose outfits for the week ahead. This may seem like the least important from all the tasks but believe it or not this eats up a lot of your available time. You may decide what to wear at least for the next day ahead, so you can still save a lot of time in the morning. It is more advisable to pick out the item the night before. Having your wardrobe planned can be a big help.


The secret is simple, plan your outfits, and it will save you tons of time compared to the time wasted when we wait until the morning arrives to choose what to wear. 


Spend time with family and friends. Life is too short of taking our family and close friends for granted. Allot or dedicated at least one day per week to be with the people you love. It's also the best way to connect with your parents and siblings. It allows you to reset and get ready for the week ahead mentally.


Declutter your house. Coming home to a clean house always feels good. Just remember that it should not eat up your time and strength, nor it needs to be done on a daily basis. It can be done weekly, say Friday afternoon or Saturday morning so that you can feel a clean house on the weekend. As the saying goes, by a clutter-free home is a clutter-free mind.  


Exercise. Another way to relax is to exercise. When your body exercises, it releases endorphins. Your endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain, and this will trigger a positive feeling in your body. A walk or run helps you get a positive mindset for the week. Spending your time on this leisure is a proven mood lifter.  


Take time to relax and unwind. Weekends are the days we need to be energized for the week ahead. Once you're done with your errands or essential chores that need to be done at the house, it is important to relax.


Carve out some time during your weekend to focus on yourself and your well-being. Give yourself some me-time so you can also unwind and start the next week relaxed and happy.


Take a short but extreme vacation. Take a real vacation, leave all your distractions. Did you know that when you work without rest, you become less productive compared to people who frequently avail their holidays? This is true as they come back to work well-rested, energized and ready to tackle any task at hand.


Practice being grateful. This will keep your spirit high, keep you in a positive mindset and help you be more mindful. Writing down a list that you're thankful for is like reminding yourself of the things that keep you going.


Having a weekend is an excellent combination of relaxing but also getting yourself prepared and organized for the week ahead. It is essential to plan your week. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you'll have an efficient plan in place to make use of the time you have.