Tips for Working From Home: What Every Young Professional Should Know

Working from home continues to create a buzz nowadays. First, due to the current pandemic, a lot of workers choose to work remotely or from their homes. Another reason is that working from home has been known to provide various benefits such as achieving work-life balance and better opportunities in leveraging careers. If you’re one of the young professionals nowadays, who may just graduate and is looking for a job, or someone who has just started to establish a career, then working from home can be ideal. Let this work trend open new doors for you to create a journey towards a successful career.


Interesting Statistics about Working from Home


Most of us might be thinking why more and more individuals are encouraged to work from home. Skillscouter published an article featuring a comprehensive list of work from home statistics. Some of the highlights include the following:

-          “The number of people working remotely has grown by 44% during the last 5 years, and that number will increase drastically, taking into account 2020’s remote working shift with the COVID-19 pandemic.”

-          “Since 2010, the number of people working from home at least once a week has grown by 400%.”

-          “2/3 employers report higher productivity in remote workers compared to in-office workers.”

-          “Industries that have the most workers who are remote are healthcare (15%), internet and technology (10%), financial businesses (9%), education (8%), and manufacturing (7%).”

-          79% of remote workers also claimed that increased focus and productivity was why they chose to enter into remote working.

-          The main reason remote workers choose this lifestyle is for a better work-life balance, at 91%.

-          Less stress (78%) and to avoid having to commute (78%) were also top reasons for remote workers choosing this working lifestyle.

Note: All the above statistics are from Skillscouter’s published article, “Work from Home Statistics (All You Need to Know.”


As we can see, the stats above reveal some interesting facts and potentials when it comes to establishing a personal and professional career.


Another article published by Time Doctor mentioned that remote working is predicted to be competing with office locations by 2025. The article also stated:

“Not only is remote working an excellent gig for workers that enjoy flexibility, but it’s also beneficial to companies around the world. Hiring a remote worker allows you global access to talent across the globe at affordable rates. If you’re looking into working remotely or hiring remotely, you’ll want to take the time to do your research.”

One of the interesting highlights mentioned in the article is that 66% of Flexjob survey respondents stated that their productivity level improved when not in the office, while 76% indicated that there are fewer distractions when working remotely.

You can check more of the work from home statistics based on Time Doctor’s article here.


Working from Home Tips for Young Professionals

A young professional who is now working from home should be grateful for an amazing opportunity that is now available. The following are helpful tips to be considered while working from home.


#1 Seize the moment.

Every young professional should be aware of how to find opportunities despite the current challenging situations. The fact that you still have a job, should make you value that opportunity. Seize every moment- of learning, of discovering new things, of meeting new people- all can be done in the comfort of their own abode. When you become grateful for everything, every second will be meaningful, and you would not want to waste it.


#2 Learn how to answer emails in a timely manner.

Part of working from home is efficient communication. It includes seamless engagement in various outlets such as videos, chats, and emails. Practice responding to emails promptly. This will ensure that important matters will be given prompt attention. It will also help in solving issues at an earlier time.


#3 Value your health.

There is nothing more comforting compared to a good overall health. Make sure to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental health conditions. Eat with a proper diet, keep your body hydrated, and take supplements when needed. Stay happy and avoid negativity. Keeping a positive outlook in life contributes to healthier mental health. When it comes to your work, do not over-stress yourself. This will affect your emotional wellbeing.


#4 Create an ideal, ergonomic workstation.

While you’re young and active, make sure to promote proper posture while at work. Aside from having discipline, it is also vital to create an ergonomic workstation. Young professionals may be inclined to customize their workspaces with fancy items. That is okay, in a way, because this can make them inspired and motivated to work. However, it should also be considered to have the right tools, equipment, and accessories. For example, a standing desk should be key equipment in the workstation. This will help young workers to stay away from the dangers of prolonged sitting. Another item that should be present in the home office is an ergonomic chair. No one wants to experience back pain or neck strain. To avoid eye strain and neck pain, use monitor mounts to ensure that the computer screen is positioned correctly. Avoid having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by using an ergonomic vertical mouse. All these are essential tips every young professional will thank for in the future. There are also anti-fatigue mats that you can use with a standing desk.


#5 Create a healthy network of people.

Sometimes, young professionals are easily tempted to shimmering offers, not knowing they will just fall in a clickbait. Becoming aware of whom to be with is a smart choice. Join or build a healthy network of positive-minded people. Get rid of those who can negatively affect your mindset. Choose the kind of influencers from whom you can learn to grow and improve. Learning is undoubtedly a lifelong process. There are times you can’t get alone with the right learning process, so you might be needing a coach or a mentor to become better in your field. Utilize the power of technology and innovations today. It’s all worth it.


Final Thoughts

There is a saying that goes, “start young; achieve more!” This is true and applicable to young professionals. Working from home is an opportunity, a high chance of creating a profound impact on life. There can be some difficulties, but those are normal parts of every journey. Be willing to take risks, be mindful, and always be ready to create significant, meaningful changes.