Do You Want To Be Productive? Start Your Day Like This

Sitting is necessary because it helps stabilize the body to perform motor skills such as driving, computer works, detailed drawing, holding a spoon and writing but when done continuously without the right breaks, the sedentary lifestyle could start to become evident. Many people have a ‘desk job’ that requires sitting for daily work. Suggestions to add an activity to your inactive daily routine may include using the stairs whenever possible, having a standing lunch with colleagues or friends, lifting hand weight, and walking or using the bike whenever doing personal errands.

Moreover, you can also drop by a co-worker's station to work together instead of sending e-mails. When driving, especially for long distances, stop every two hours for a coffee break and then take a walk or stretch a bit.

Even if ditting may be relaxing, too much of it can be alarming. Research implies that people who sit for long periods of time are more likely to acquire chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Experts suggested to sit less and stand more. Some workers who experience back pain from extended sitting make use of break time for relief. This includes going to the bathroom, getting a drink, stretching, going to the printer and getting food.

Since sitting at work in inevitable, ergonomists suggested that sitting could be broken by periodic standing and moving during the day for at least 2 minutes every 20 to 30 minutes. Studies show that frequent micro-breaks increases the level of comfort, improve work performance, and decreases the risks of musculoskeletal injuries.

In one of Cornell University's articles on sitting and standing, introduces sit-stand workstations and the use of sit to stand desks to create movement in the workplace. Sit to do computer work and/or use a sit to stand height adjustable standing desk converter. This creates the necessary movement for blood circulation through the muscles while making you alert and energized.

Create a pattern of greater movement and variety in the workplace and you will surely improve your work performance.