Top Online Marketing Trends Entrepreneurs Are Embracing Today

With today’s emerging trends in marketing, leaps in technology have dramatically brought innovative solutions when it comes to promoting products and services.

Not only they help in generating sales but also create better opportunities for entrepreneurs to improve their business strategies.

Every entrepreneur’s goal may be the same, but some marketing methods that have worked before may already become obsolete today.

That’s why every entrepreneur must learn how to keep updated with the current marketing trends and make the most of them for their businesses.

We have compiled 9 of the most common effective marketing strategies today that will significantly impact every business endeavour.


#1 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 Years ago, artificial intelligence was just an idea that seems to be impossible. But with great minds and fantastic technology, this is now one of the best marketing trends which help business owners in doing their daily transactions. So, what is artificial intelligence, by the way? The Cambridge Online dictionary defines artificial intelligence as the use of computer programs that have some of the qualities of the human mind, including the ability to understand language, learn from experience, and recognize pictures.

Until now, AI keeps on intriguing people’s minds. AI technology comes in various services and tools such as interactive search assistants, self-learning user segmentation, analytics assistant, complicated ambient intelligence, project management systems, employee functional system, and more. With artificial intelligence, the potentials seem to be boundless. 

If you’re an online entrepreneur and would like to leverage your marketing goals and platforms, you must utilize the benefits of AI. If not yet, you’re missing a lot, and you’re falling behind today’s tough competition. 

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence?

First, AI helps improve the quality and relevancy of the content. AI tools which are connected to search engines are responsive in comprehending user queries, user-friendliness, and more.

Next, it offers a personalized experience to marketers and users. It is utilizing the power of artificial intelligence that aids in improving the user experience when it comes to engagement and sales generation. 

Also, AI gets along well with Google algorithms. If your business is using AdWords campaigns, it’s crucial for you to know that this platform uses Google’s automated learning algorithms. This applies to main factors involved when setting up a campaign such as a target audience, demographics, geo-targeted locations, interests, and others.

#2 Multichannel Marketing

Also known as omnichannel marketing, multichannel marketing is a technique that allows you to get more leads and get connected with your customers. Simply described, this is a process of placing ads on different platforms such as emails, social media, video sites, and others to reach your targeted audience. However, it doesn’t end there. To make multichannel marketing effectively works for a business, an entrepreneur must learn how to utilize each platform for the campaign properly. It’s not just throwing an ad into a platform and then hope it will generate income.

Below are some tips when you are setting up multichannel marketing:

1. Identify your audience. To whom you are going to sell? How interested will they be to your product or services?

2. Create a compelling message. When you have identified your target audience, then you need to create a powerful message that will best connect to your audience. How are you going to entice them? Can your contents and strategies adequately inform and capture the customers’ attention?

3. Utilize the power of automation. There are various tools today that can be utilized to automate various business activities. For instance, email marketing can be done with automated follow ups and broadcasts. In posting to your social media platforms, you can use scheduling tools to publish posts in your desired time and date.

4. Monitor your results. It’s crucial to track the results of your multichannel marketing efforts to make sure you’re on the right track. With keen monitoring, you can see which needs to be improved.

So, how does omnichannel marketing work? It provides better interaction with your prospective customers through a consistent and effective marketing process. Your customers will be impressed by how you’re paying attention to giving them valuing information through ads and other methods.


#3 Chatbots

Chatbots are now creating high waves in online businesses. A chatbot is a computer program that can do human interaction online. It is designed with various features and simulations which are beneficial in running the business.

As a business owner, you need to engage with your customers. It’s not enough that you post an ad or publish an article about your product or services; you also need to interact with the customers and respond to their inquiries and other concerns.

As artificial intelligence continues to improve marketing strategies of online entrepreneurs, chatbots become undeniably a big help in leveraging customer service and other transaction avenues of the business. Nowadays, live chat support systems of most websites are starting to be replaced by amazing chatbots. A chatbot software is cheaper and more accurate 

Below are some of the benefits of chatbots in a business:

1. A chatbot saves time and money.

Chatbots let your business to respond to a higher number of customers while increasing productivity and decreasing expenses. This is because with a chatbot, you are providing fast, reliable, and automated response to their queries.

You will also save money with chatbots. Instead of hiring additional workers to assign as customer service representatives, you can install chatbots. There’s no need for you to pay for sick days, vacation leave, and employees’ insurance. 

2. Chatbots provide better customer satisfaction.

Unlike manual customer support system managed by an agent, chatbots do not work for 8 hrs only. They are always available, serving the customers by responding to their inquiries any time of the day. You will no longer worry that there will be unattended inquiries. Plus, chatbots can even complete sales when a customer asks something about the products.

3. A chatbot can reduce errors.

Humans understandably and unfortunately commit errors when handling customer service. They can still forget some details, make typo errors, and others. That’s where most entrepreneurs love chatbots. They will give accurate answers based on the questions asked. They can also answer multiple questions simultaneously.

4. Chatbots can help you reach more people.

As a creative innovation, a chatbot can be integrated with various applications, so it’s an opportunity to increase your customer base.

5. Chatbots can add humour.

They can never be in a bad mood. They can be programmed to contain a bit of humour to give customers a satisfying experience. They will never respond to customers with an angry and frustrating attitude.


#4 SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is composed of various strategies that will help websites to be on top of search engines. With this strategy, it’s vital to create and publish high-quality content. Search engines such as Google keep on changing their algorithms; that’s why business owners must keep updated with the latest SEO marketing trends. Various techniques need to be learned in SEO such as on-page and off page strategies as well as backlinking. 

Here are the benefits of SEO that makes it very helpful to entrepreneurs.

#1 It helps people to find your business online quickly.

#2 It is cost-effective.

#3 With the right implementation, it can produce effective and long-term results.

#4 It can make you stand out in the competition.

#5 It helps in generating more sales and customers.


#5 Blogging

Blogging has always been a topic online. But what is a blog anyway? It is a compilation of opinions, thoughts, facts, and other information about an industry, a business, a passion, or an audience. A blog is written info published online and can be read by everyone who visits a website.

Many companies now practice a strategy where consumers come to them for information rather than them pushing sales via outbound strategies to spread awareness about their products.

Benefits of Blogging for Entrepreneurs

1. Blogging is an effective way to show that you are reliable and expert in a particular industry. For instance, if your passion is cooking and you would like to offer recipes, creating handbooks and publishing a weekly recipe and tips can engage a lot of readers and eventually purchase your products. Another example is when you are trying to reach customers to buy standing desks and other equipment, you can write articles on how such kind of equipment in your workplace can benefit your health.

It’s about creating and giving value to your customers. More and more people will visit your website because they know that they can acquire valuable knowledge from it. 

2. Blogging can help with your SEO efforts. When you write articles, you can infuse keywords that have high searches on Google. That means that there are a lot of people who are looking for it. Once you included those keywords in your articles, they can be targeted and will help you get higher rank in search engines.

3. Blogging helps collect emails and generate leads. Have you ever entered your email into an opt-in page in a website’s sidebar telling that you will receive a free ebook or training once signed up? That’s how most website owners are collecting emails through blogging. They put such capture page within the blog post so people can be invited to give their contact details and be included in a list. You can then send emails to them and follow-ups to promote your products and services.

4. Blogging helps in building a network and creating influence. You can offer to write a guest post to an influencer’s website or let them use and review your product and service. In that way, you can build a relationship with other networks in the same industry that you are in.

5. You can get valuable feedback. A blog post can be an excellent place for your customers to leave comments and feedback. Make sure to respond to them, so they will feel that they are valued.


#6 Video Marketing 

Who wouldn’t love videos, right? Some people prefer watching than reading a long post. That’s why videos are a significant trend today. They can effectively be used to promote products and services. Videos create not only brand recognition but also create engagement with your target audience.

If you’ve heard about vlogging (or video blogging), this is one of the hottest trends today. It’s a strategy where you can tell more about you and your brand.

The following are the benefits of videos to entrepreneurs:

1. It helps in optimizing your website. When you place videos on your website, the longer the time your visitors will stay on it. Well, of course, that will only happen when the videos are of high quality, entertaining, and informative. Make sure to optimize your videos by adding proper keywords in the title and description and placing the video under the correct category.

2. Videos build trust. Customers buy because they trust the product. That’s why your video concept must also be based on creating trust and long-term relationships with your prospective customers. Share with them valuable information and not always a promotional pitch.

3. A video can help boost conversions. Especially if you’re selling a product, it will be useful if you will add a product video on your landing page. You’ll be amazed at how this can convert to sales.

4. Videos are mobile-friendly. Come to think of it. Most people today use mobile phones for convenience. And it’s incredible to know that mobile video views have dramatically increased and helped businesses.

5. Video marketing is an excellent way for people to share and engage.  When a quality video is created, it can easily be shared to reach more audience. That also means that more people can see and know what you are offering.


#7 Social Media Marketing 

Every entrepreneur must acknowledge the significance of social media marketing. Previously, social media platforms are utilized only for making friends, but that’s no longer a trend today. It is now known to be the medium of great marketing efforts to take the business on better heights.

Years back, it was known as a medium of socializing and making friends. But in this present era, it has become a powerful marketing tool that most entrepreneurs are taking advantage of to move their businesses to the next level. Nowadays, the most common social media platforms used by entrepreneurs include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more.

Not only social media marketing helps in increasing sales, but it can also reduce marketing costs. It also helps in increasing brand awareness. With more than a million active users on Facebook, imagine how vast your possible audience can be?

Besides, social media marketing increases traffic to the website and builds engagement as well. There should be a social media manager to create and publish posts and respond to the comments and inquiries of the customers.


#8 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing may sound new to some, but this is a marketing strategy that business owners are utilizing. It is the process of promoting other people’s products and services and commissions for clicks, conversions, and sales. On the other hand, when other people promote your products, and they are satisfied, you can also build trust for your brand and website.


#9  Webinars

Webinars are a powerful strategy in today’s business trends. It’s like hosting an event online where you are going to share information and then eventually introduce your products. It’s also a great avenue to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Another good thing about webinars is that they can be repurposed into shareable content such as blog posts, pdf, video, etc.


Entrepreneurs nowadays have a wide range of options when it comes to promoting and leveraging their business. Knowing how to choose and use the marketing strategy for them effectively can lead to massive success for their business goals.