Top Personalities Who Are Known To Use A Standing Desk

You may hear several times that sitting all day is harmful to health. That’s why it’s great to know also that today’s innovation has brought us new tools and equipment to aid in our daily work.

They also provide us with the energy, ease, and creativity the body requires to become efficient and productive. One of these breakthroughs is the introduction of standing desks as part of the workplace’s ergonomics.


Amazing Benefits Of A Standing Desk


A standing desk is described as an arrangement of furniture which lets you stand up while working at your desk. Nowadays, standing desks are known for the following benefits:

- It provides ease and comfort at work.

- It helps in lowering the risk of having heart diseases.

- It aids in lowering the risk of weight gain and weight problems.

- It reduces back pain.

- It lowers the level of blood sugar and the risk of having Type 2 diabetes.

- It boosts productivity and mental awareness.

- It aids in improving energy and mood. 

The benefits mentioned above may not be the only reason why you may add standing desks as part of your work and lifestyle. Improvements in physical, mental, and metabolic health can affect your life in various ways to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality of life.


A Quick Glimpse: Famous Personalities Who Use Standing Desks


Most of us are amazed at how standing desks are changing the usual trend when it comes to workplaces. Today, they come in different designs with various features. However, standing desks are said to be used by some of our history’s famous personalities. Here are some of them:


#1 Leonardo Da Vinci. Although there are no formal citations and credible mentions from books and online sources, some experts believe that Da Vinci uses standing desks on his works. There is actually a standing desk named ‘Da Vinci,’ so maybe that may also relate to that information. The painter and inventor is known for his paintings and inventions. It can be reasonable to think that he may prefer to use standing desks to work better.


#2 Abraham Lincoln. The former president had mentioned that he used a standing desk when he wrote and delivered some of his famous speeches.


#3 Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin becomes a famous personality related to standing desk since the University of Pennsylvania proved that he has his mahogany standing desk he used for writing.


#4 Charles Dickens. According to his autobiography, Charles Dickens’ office has a lot of books around, and there is a standing desk where he writes. This gives him a comfortable chair for a better working experience.


#5 Philip Roth. Writers know how their job can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. The famous novelist, Philip Roth, created the habit of standing up while writing. In the Daily Routine’s website, it was stated that Roth’s working place has a computer placed on a kind of lectern where he can write while standing. This working style helps him to protect his back.


#6 Stan Lee. The comic-book author, Stan Lee, is renowned for his movies, “X-Men,” “Fantastic Four,” and “Spider-Man.” He has posted a photo of him writing with a caption, “Always wrote standing up – good for the figure – and always faced the sun – good for the suntan!”


#7 Vladimir Nabokov. Although novelist Vladimir Nabokov didn’t stand the whole day while writing, he usually starts his work at a makeshift standing desk. According to him, it was a beautiful old-fashioned lectern in his study room. Nabokov is a practitioner of regular posture change while working, which is now promoted to be one of the best fitness practices in an office.


#8 Lewis Carroll. Lewis Carroll is said to write the famous stories “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Jabberwocky” at a standing desk. In an article written by Morton Cohen about the writer, it was mentioned that Carroll wrote stories always using a standing desk.


#9 Ernest Hemingway. One of the most well-known users of a standing desk is Ernest Hemingway. He is famous for working using a makeshift desk, which is set up as the typewriter placed on top of a bookshelf. He is said to have a working habit of standing while writing. He is known to create a standing pad made from the skin of a kudu or a variety of an African antelope. Nowadays, there are various types of anti-fatigue mats available in different marketplaces.


#10 Michael Dell. Michael Dell is one of the multi-billionaire entrepreneurs whose company provides millions of affordable PCs. He is also known to work while standing. A story published by Success Magazine in 2009 stated that Michael Dell could be seen standing behind a podium desk, working while standing. His office has chairs only for visitors.


#11 Kate White. Kate White worked as the editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine for fourteen years. In an interview with her, which is published on the Fast Company website, she described her writing habit as regularly standing up at a rolling butcher block counter in her kitchen. One reason why she prefers such work habits is that she falls asleep if she works while sitting down.


#12 Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill is one of the most famous British statesman and prime minister during the World War II era. He is also well-known for using a standing desk. According to Richard M. Langworth, the editor of the Churchill Centre’s quarterly journal Finest Hour, Churchill usually works late at night. He prohibits loud noises and hires a team of stenographers. His paperwork is arranged at a stand-up desk, and he keeps on dictating to stenographers until late midnight. Churchill’s stand-up desk is said to be made by a local carpenter.


Standing desks have become part of the lives of the most successful people we know today. Some of them are writers, politicians, business owners, and entrepreneurs. With the benefits of standing desks are providing us, it can be expected that more features will be introduced to promote efficiency and productivity in the workplace.