Walking Treadmill Workout: What You Need To Know

Have you ever heard the saying, "you don't need to run to burn fat?" For sure, wellness and fitness experts will agree with that. You can still burn fat and shed off calories by walking. We may already hear that walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Actually, the benefits of walking are awe-inspiring. Walking can help you take care of your joints, aid in burning fat, prevent injuries, and improve cardiovascular endurance and health.

However, some of us are having difficulty finding time to exercise. Since most of us are working in an office and other workplaces, there should be other options to do it. It's great to know that the introduction of treadmills helps a lot in getting the benefits of exercise through walking. 

Walking treadmill workouts are now becoming a common trend in workplaces. This is good news because this only means that we are becoming aware of the impact of exercise can bring to our health. Some of the known benefits of exercise for the body include making the heart strong, decreased resistance to insulin, and weight loss. When all these are acquired, then efficiency and productivity are both achieved in job performances. Walking on a treadmill is an effective way of exercise that can bring less stress on the body as compared to hardcore exercises done outdoors.


Health Benefits of Treadmill Workout

Of course, desk treadmills may be new to some of us. We used to be familiar with the usual treadmills that we know. These treadmills are those that we can find in the gym or the ones we set up at home. For us to get familiar with what treadmill workouts can bring, let's focus first on the benefits it can bring to our body. 

Definitely, treadmill workouts are worth the time we will spend doing them. This type of workout is an effective alternative to other types of workout exercises, such as jogging and running. They are more convenient to do, as walking treadmill workout can be done at home or at work.

Treadmills allow us to do an exercise that is ideal for people who may be suffering from heart and blood circulation issues.

Below are some of the more detailed benefits treadmills can offer:

#1 Treadmills help lose weight faster. Treadmill users stated that one of the most significant benefits of using a treadmill is helping them to lose weight. Using it can aid in burning calories. According to fitness experts, doing workouts on treadmills can be more effective when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. So, if you're in your journey to achieving your fitness goals, make sure to include walking treadmill workouts in your routines. 

#2 Aid in improving your heart health. Treadmill workouts can do a great cardiovascular workout, thus, improving heart health and stimulate excellent blood circulation. So, the next time you step on a treadmill, be inspired to work out because you're actually taking care of your heart.

#3 Treadmills can track your workout progress. You must be keeping progress when you're doing workouts. You should know if you're improving and if the workouts are working for you. Today's models of treadmills let you track your progress. They come with features such as digital monitors, which show time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

#4 Treadmills aid you to do workout consistently. Workouts can be more effective when done with consistency. Treadmills are convenient to use and will help you to perform walking exercises to stay fit and healthy. Since they can be used either at home or at work, you will not have an excuse to do the workout. 

#5 Help improve muscle tone. Walking on a treadmill helps strengthen and tone your quad and butt muscles. The same goes for your calves. Treadmills also come with an incline feature which can be used in toning your legs even more.


Is Walking On Treadmill a Good Exercise?

Now, we may all agree that doing a walking treadmill workout is really a good exercise. The benefits it can give is undeniable. It would be interesting to know that today's workplaces are becoming more aware of how to utilize the power of ergonomic equipment and tools.

Of course, we know about standing desks. They have been a useful inclusion in making a work environment comfortable and ergonomic for workers. There are also desk converters which aid in switching from sitting to standing at work. Also, let's not forget about ergonomic chairs that help avoid back pain and neck pain.

And now, a treadmill desk is also becoming a big trend in workplaces. With the help of this tool, you can avoid the dangers of sitting the entire day. Walking treadmill workouts help in burning calories while working at the office.

In 2013, workers at Business Insider tried using standing desk treadmills to alleviate the bad effects of too much sitting. Watch the video here.

There can be a downside at first. Using walker treadmills at work can be distracting at first, but with practice, it can work effectively. The first time you will use it can cause a split between your concentration and your actual task.


Using a Treadmill Desk

Experts advise using a treadmill desk by slowly walking at only one mile per hour at first. This can be a good start for those who are working for long hours. The usual walking pace in the street is 2.5 to 4 mph. When it comes to walking treadmill workout, the slow walk pace will gradually take a little practice.

When using a treadmill, you must have the proper footwear to avoid future problems.

It's advisable to increase your walking time when using a treadmill desk slowly. Begin with 15 minutes for the first week, once or twice per day. Monitor your progress for the first week. Then, add five minutes for every hour you do a walking treadmill workout.

The more you use a walker treadmill, the more you become used to it doing walking treadmill workout.


Introducing Antrodesk's Treadmill

Anthrodesk offers Egofit Walker Treadmill, a quality treadmill that can aid people using a standing desk. The following are the features of the walker treadmill:

  • Quiet (noise level under 70Db)
  • Powerful (holds up to 130kg of weight)
  • Reliable (patented walking traction control increases the lifespan up to 5 times)
  • Adjustable (walking to jogging speed control 1km/h - 5km/h)
  • Compact (fits under desk, sofa or bed) 

Treadmill desks are a worthwhile inclusion in any workplace. They can help in making you more active while doing your tasks. Make sure to choose the best quality treadmill desks to ensure that you'll have a good workout.