Wellness Tips for Home-based Workers

Working from home is often the dream of today's many workers. This is because it provides various benefits such as comfort, convenience, and flexibility in schedule. But, there are instances when working from home becomes challenging. There are times when workers have a hard time keeping their motivation due to some family issues. Or, it can be a challenge for them to stay focused due to various distractions at home. Moreso, they can be prone to living an unhealthy lifestyle since they can often be sitting for long hours. Finally, home-based workers can be at risk of getting stress, which is detrimental to physical and mental health. Therefore, being knowledgeable of some wellness tips can be a big help.


Staying healthy, focused, and motivated while working at home is often a common battle among individuals who chose to work in their abode comfort. They can sometimes disregard how to take care of their health because of deadlines and overwhelming tasks. People who are working from home must learn how to take good care of their health. This is to ensure that they will be productive and happy every working day.


12 Wellness Tips Every Home-Based Worker Should Learn 


Stay healthy and productive – this should be the goal of every home-based worker. Of course, the only way they can efficiently do their tasks is by having a healthy body and mind. The following are some tips to keep overall well-being.


#1 Create a great routine

One of the most vital strategies often overlooked by home-based workers is not having a good routine. A routine will serve as a guide to help workers function at their best. Create a to-do list of what needs to be completed. It will help in prioritizing tasks with high levels of efficiency and creativity. Also, make sure to evaluate which tasks are not yet done and those that require a longer time to be done. Include in your to-do list some healthy habits such as getting the right amount of sleep, having a healthy meal, and doing some exercises. These activities should not be missed because they will aid in keeping the body active and healthy. Remember that no matter how organized your to-do list can be, the only way to make it effective is to stick to it.


#2 Take a shower

This may sound too simple, but some home-based workers often forget the impact of taking a shower on their overall health. Without taking a bath or shower will keep you sluggish and less motivated. Not only that, but you can also ensure that you maintain personal hygiene to get rid of diseases. Also, do not forget to wear comfortable clothes to make sure you get into the proper frame of mind for the job.


#3 Perform some desk exercises

Being sedentary due to long hours of sitting is one of the health issues encountered by working from home. This may be because they may feel too comfortable being at home, or they are overwhelmed with the tasks. This is unhealthy and should be given proper attention. Prolonged sitting can weaken the core, put tension on the shoulder, back, neck, and hips. Long hours of typing and working on your computer can also result in repetitive strain injury and wrist pain. Not only that, but a sedentary lifestyle can also affect blood circulation in the legs and arms, causing varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.

To get rid of these issues, you should do some desk exercises. Stand up and make some leg and arm movements. There are various desk exercises that you can try to keep you active at work and prevent the detrimental effects of working with a sedentary lifestyle.


#4 Take regular breaks

Most home-based workers are caught up in long hours of work. Some workers actually accept both full-time as well as a part-time job. However, when tasks are so overwhelming, they often forget to slow down, take a break, eat, and rest. This could cause an alarming health issue in the future. Taking regular breaks is vital. It is highly recommended to take a break every 60 minutes to 2 hours. Motivate yourself to stand up or go out for a quick walk. You can also check your garden to relax and unwind. Plants are known to be effective in giving off fresh air; that is why indoor plants are also becoming an important inclusion in workstations. Not only that but taking breaks will also help to avoid eyesight problems. Long hours of computer use is said to cause migraine headaches and eye problems. Short breaks and rest can help prevent that.


#5 Eat healthily

Who would argue about the importance of healthy eating for every person working from home? As we all know, food is fuel for the body. Without it, our bodies will not be able to function properly. Healthy meals and snacks should be part of your working day. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. You can also have coffee but make sure not to take too much of it. Have fruits and healthy snacks instead of junk foods and carbonated drinks. It is also imperative to have a good lunch to make sure we stay fit and active throughout the day.


#6 Drink plenty of water

It is crucial that you stay hydrated during work hours. This is one common problem of home-based workers that they forget to drink enough water due to busy schedules and urgent tasks. Not enough hydration can cause your brain not to function properly. You will also feel tired easily, and that may lead to chronic fatigue.


#7 Invest in a standing desk and an ergonomic chair

For some people working from home, using things available in their home should be enough for them to do their job. They may easily settle with an old but still usable table for them to put their computer monitor and other desk stuff. However, it is imperative to have a comfortable, safe, and ergonomically-designed workstation. To avoid a sedentary work lifestyle, use a standing desk or height-adjustable desk. With this ergonomic equipment, it will be easier to alternate between sitting and standing. Also, use an ergonomic chair to avoid having back pain and neck pain. These two ergonomic equipment can also promote proper posture, improve productivity and boost efficiency.


#8 Provide good lighting in your workstation

Proper lighting is vital for a comfortable and safe work environment. On the other hand, poor lighting is related to low energy levels, irritability, depression, and fatigue. This also causes headaches and eye problems. All workers must be aware that natural lighting will be helpful for a comfortable working space. You can also use an LED desk lamp. It's an effective way of providing adequate lighting for you to work more efficiently.


#9 Set boundaries

Home-based workers must set clear boundaries between your personal life and work life. It is not a healthy way to keep on working all day and night. Although there are urgent deadlines that need to be met, they should also consider their health their top priority.

There are also times when family members and friends send invitations for gatherings, chats, video calls and parties. Learn how to say "No" for invitations that will consume some of the working hours. Make sure to give respect to clients and the tasks they assigned. Be professional and commit to your job.

When tasks are not finished, and deadlines are not met, you will be stressed, and your health will be affected. The tendency will be to force yourself to work on the tasks in a limited time. Not only it's your health put at risk, but also the quality of the work results you will deliver.


#10 Adopt a pet

Cuddling a pet dog or cat can help you feel relaxed and more inspired at work. You can also have an early morning walk with your pet dog. This will help you improve circulation and boost happy hormones in the body.


#11 Get enough sleep and rest

For some home-based workers, it is challenging to get 8-10 hours of sleep. That is why whenever you have time to sleep and rest, make the most of it. Get a power nap as well. Always think of your wellness and overall health. Lack of sleep has also been associated with health problems; thus, workers should learn how to avoid it.


#12 Perform yoga and meditation

A calm mind and a strong body are two of the most critical factors that will ensure positive work results. You can sign up for a yoga class or learn how some stretches and positions can contribute to a healthier body. Also, meditation can help clear your mind and improve focus and concentration at work. The physical body and mental state's harmonious functioning will bring significant impacts to a successful work-from-home job.


Final Thoughts

Working from home is one of today's most comfortable work trends. People love this because they can have the flexibility of schedule and the opportunity to work closer to their family. However, there are times home-based workers are experiencing some problems related to work and their health. That is why it is vital to learn some wellness tips that they can apply in their daily work. The tips mentioned above will aid home-based workers to ensure that they do their best at work while staying active and healthy.