What Do You Eat To Boost Your Energy Levels?

Sitting all day facing your desk and preparing your financial report or your group’s project can leave you with sore shoulders, strained neck, inflexible spine, and low energy. What can you do to boost your energy levels? One thing that experts recommend is standing and being more active in the office.

The use of a standing desk will make your transition between sitting and standing easier. It will also make you feel active since standing helps pump fresh blood and oxygen through your brain. Your brain will release mood-enhancing chemicals and keep your energy high during the day.

Being sedentary for extended periods makes you sluggish as muscles burn less fat and the blood flowing to the heart slows down. Aside from using a standing desk or a standing desk converter, there are energy foods that will give you the boost you need to stay fit and active.

These foods as suggested by Daily Mail UK also speed up your metabolism which in turn convert food into energy.

  1. Salmon is an oily fish full of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. This is used by your body for energy and as building blocks for muscle and other tissues.
  2. Citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C to boost your immune system. Its scent will improve your alertness and enhance your energy.
  3. Eggs are rich in Vitamin B particularly choline which is a factor to speed up metabolism and give you more energy. It also helps your central nervous system to function properly.
  4. Beans are another rich source of vitamin B. It also contains protein and complex carbohydrates which in turn gives you enough energy in a day’s work.
  5. Walnuts are great energy builder because of its concentrated content of Omega-3.
  6. Leafy greens vegetables are rich in Folate which will boost your brain functions. It also contains Vitamin C and K, beta-carotene and calcium.
  7. Bran cereal gives you lasting energy. It contains Vitamin B-complex and complex carbohydrates and fibre which help clean your body.
  8. Dark chocolate will surely be one of your favourites! Choose the variety of dark chocolate with the highest concentration of cacao (try at least 70% for noticeable benefits). The nutrients from cacao help you fight stress, give you more focus and increase your energy level. Dark chocolates have a caffeine-like effect which instantly boosts your energy level.
  9. Coffee is the most common antidote to sleepiness, it will keep you alert and focus and be more productive. However, it should not be taken late in the afternoon as it will have a direct effect on your ability to sleep soundly.
  10. Water cost less than any other drink, and yet the effects of drinking enough water in a day will have wonderful effects on your body. Why is it that we tend to overlook the simple things that can help us the most? Water has innumerable benefits, and as we all know, most of us are not drinking enough of it. It detoxifies you and keeps you hydrated. Feeling sleepy? Standing up, walking over to the water cooler, and having a large glass of cool water can give you as much of an energy boost as a cup of coffee.

With the use of your standing desk and eating these high energy foods, you will surely be alert, focused, and productive during your working days. Now, time to finish up that report!