Why is it Crucial for Home-based Workers to Apply Workplace Ergonomics

Various sources and experts have helped us to understand that ergonomics can aid in enhancing work quality and employee productivity. For home-based workers, ergonomics can also optimize their job. It allows them to design a home office that is safe and efficient in performing tasks from their employers. Since home-based workers can now create an established professional career in their expertise, it is also crucial to consider applying workplace ergonomics. This covers not only how the workplace is designed, but also the utilization of equipment, devices, tools, and office accessories.

Various studies are made about the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Reports revealed that it could cause several health issues like musculoskeletal disorders, digestive issues, diabetes, chronic pain, headaches, cardiovascular diseases, and cancers. Home-based workers are at risk of all these unless they improve their work lifestyle and apply workplace ergonomics.


Why is it Important for Home-Based Workers to Apply Workplace Ergonomics?

Working at home can be one of the most convenient work setups. You can be more comfortable as you’re already used to the environment. You can also have the opportunity to work closer to your loved ones. More quality time is spent with them, making it a very rewarding career opportunity. But, we should also not forget the importance of creating a workstation at home that promotes comfort, health, and better functionality.

As a home-based worker, you can spend long hours sitting in an uncomfortable stool or chair. At the end of your work shift, you are left feeling the pain and pressure on your lower back. Not only that, but a computer monitor and table that is positioned too low or too high can also cause poor posture. Too much staring at your computer monitor can also put a strain on your eyes and may affect your vision. You may also feel pain and numbness on your fingers and arms due to typing and using mice. These situations are common challenges faced by home-based employees. Thanks to modern technology and innovative solutions that are introduced nowadays. For instance, incorporating ergonomics programs and items in the workplace can be a great help.


Top Reasons Why Home Based Workers Should Apply Workplace Ergonomics

Working space at your home should be comfortable if you aim to leverage the work quality you want to deliver to your employers. Workplace ergonomics can bring impact to that. Here are the top reasons  why workplace ergonomics should be applied in every work environment:

#1 Workplace ergonomics create a better safety culture. If you’re a home-based worker and dedicated to promoting health and safety while working, then you should be aware of how ergonomics can help you. Remember that your health, skills, and talents are the most important investment at work, so make sure to take care of them. With the help of ergonomics, you can foster a healthier and safer place to work.

#2 Ergonomics improves work quality. No employee would like to accept poor work quality. It will cost them more of their money and time due. The same goes for home-based workers. If you deliver low-quality work results, you will do more revisions leading you to spend more time and resources. However, when you are working in a comfortable workspace and using ergonomic tools, you will be able to perform your job with high efficiency. You will then avoid issues when it comes to products and services to be promoted.

#3 Ergonomics increases the level of productivity. The best ergonomic programs and solutions are proven to improve productivity. Make sure to promote good posture at work with the help of ergonomic equipment such as standing desks, desk converters, ergonomic mouse, and anti-fatigue mat.

#4 Ergonomics lowers costs. A systematic application of ergonomics in your home office can help reduce the risk factors of having health issues. Injuries and accidents due to a poorly set up work environment can add to your medical bills and medicines. Not only that, but this can also cause you to take absences, making it hard to catch up at work.


Ergonomic Tips Home Based Workers Should Be Aware Of

The right knowledge and consistency in applying workplace ergonomics will help home-based workers to keep themselves healthy and efficient at work. Below are some of the critical ergonomic tips you can also consider:

- Invest in an ergonomic chair. Make sure to adjust its seat height properly so that your thighs are correctly parallel to the floor. Keep your feet on a footrest or the floor. Check the seat pan of your chair; this should not compress the back of your thighs. Also, the chair’s seat should support your mid-back and lower back.

- Ensure to position the keyboard on your desk with the proper height. It should be at elbow height to prevent experiencing sprain on your arms and hands.

- Avoid slouching or hunching your shoulders forward. This will also contribute to experiencing pain and discomfort on your back and neck.

- Position your computer monitor at an eye-level properly. This will prevent the awkward posture of your neck and head.

- Reduce eye strain by taking breaks following the 20-20-20 rule. Take a 20-second break every after 20 minutes of work. Look at things, preferably green scenery, at least 20 feet away.

- You should work 20 inches away from your computer monitor, which is also an arm-length. In case you will use more than one monitor while working, it would be a great idea if you will have an L-shaped desk. It will be helpful since you can set up the monitors close together with the same height. You will not need to extend your neck and arms just to reach the other ones.

- Use standing desks or desk converters to allow you to sit or stand while working. It will keep you out of the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

- Do some desk exercises or stretches during break time.

- Use an ergonomic vertical mouse to prevent repetitive strain injury and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

- Ensure that your workplace has good lighting. Too much bright or too much dim in the work environment may cause injuries and health problems such as migraines and glare.

- Utilize an anti-glare screen.


Final Thoughts

You can always leverage the kind of workstation you have. You can customize it and make it more stylish. However, it is always important to apply workplace ergonomics if you want to ensure a higher level of efficiency, productivity, and improved lifestyle.