Why Is Your To-Do List Not Working?

At some point, we all have seemed to struggle in some areas of our life. That sometimes happens when we are overwhelmed or disorganized. Some people believe that the answer for that is to create a to-do list. By doing this, we are able to list all the things that we need to do to and make sure to complete. However, there are instances wherein a to-do list is not working which affects how the tasks are accomplished.


What is a To-Do List And Its Benefits?


A to-do list is a list of all prioritized tasks that need to be accomplished or carried out. It has everything that needs to be done, with the most important task at the beginning of the list and least important at the bottom. In short, it can serve as a guide on how things should be done.


How To Take Action On Completing Each Item From The List


When it comes to working with a to-do list, it can be hard at first, but with the proper actions and discipline, it can be possible. It is also good to write down in a to-do list all the important information or tasks delegated to you either via email or phone. This process will remind you of the important things that should be kept in mind and work on in the future.


Did you know that writing down all your assignments in a to-do list can also lessen your anxieties? Sometimes you overthink and feed your brain too much information and you can no longer remember what needs to be accomplished first. By physically writing a to-do list, you're doing a favour to your memory as you are helping out to lessen the to-do list in your mind.


Writing a to-do list also makes the tasks seem a bit smaller than you initially imagined. This gives you the confidence that nothing is forgotten. In making a list, the tasks appear visible because, in your head, you need to balance remembering, assuring nothing is forgotten and arranging them in the way you think to be most efficient. When you are finished writing down all the items in the list, this gives you an idea that the tasks can be accomplished in a better and more effective way.


What makes our to-do list sometimes inefficient has something to do with our habits and ways of working. Let us find out how we can eliminate habits that make us ignore and not follow our to-do list.


Why Your To-Do List Is Not Working?

If the to-do list is not utilized properly, this will create bigger issues. This can be compared to a filing system that, if not used correctly with the right structure or system, it will have an adverse effect.


Unclear List. Not stating clearly the items that need to be accomplished leads to confusion and less productivity. Sometimes the tasks on the to-do list get mixed up with another project which complicates the strategies on how to complete them. It is important to evaluate the items and make sure to include only the things you need to add to your to-do list.  


When listing down to-do's, it is important that we provide more details that can help in the progress of the project or activity. In order not to be overwhelmed, it is best that bigger items are breakdown into smaller steps so that it won't be difficult to provide action point.


Putting Too Many Items from To-Do List. While it is good that we put all the details in our to-do-list, it is important for us to know that we need to be extra careful when it comes to providing the list of tasks that need to be accomplished. Aside from the fact that we might be overwhelmed, we may find our to-do list too challenging to follow. This can lead to procrastination as we are at lost on when and how to start.


The efficient way on how this can be prevented is to limit the number of to-do's that need to be accomplished. Choosing one to three important and significant tasks that you need to accomplish will result in a work-life balance. How can you determine the more important tasks? You just need to check the activities that are measurable and can make the project move towards achieving the company's objective.


Not Allowing Buffer for Distraction or Interruption. Distractions and interruption can be part of any working environment. For instance, some people may need our assistance to work which we might not be able to turn down because we also want to extend support.


The better way to cope with distractions or interruptions is not to ignore people who need help, but rather to adjust our schedule to provide support at times in which we are not so busy. Disruption can also be prevented if we are proactive. If you don't want to be distracted in chat by some of your colleagues, ensure that you are in a 'busy' mode in your status.


Not Doing Any Review from the To-Do list. The to-do list needs to be refreshed and reviewed all the time. By not doing so, there is no point of having a to-do list. By not taking a regular review on this list, it will be difficult for you to manage your time.


To make a list more effective, it needs to be reviewed every week. By studying the list, it will become a tool that you can refer to when it comes to analyzing the things that need to be prioritized and which ones are not completed yet.