Why Use Anti-Fatigue Mats

Standing may be good because it burns more calories which leads to weight loss, it also improves concentration, focus, and enhances workers’ productivity. However, too much standing can also have harmful effects on health such as muscle aches or excess pressure on the hip, knee and ankle joints. Coronary heart disease and arthritis can also be worsened by standing for long periods.


When standing for extended hours on concrete floor surfaces, the experience becomes uncomfortable due to physical fatigue. This may lead to muscles becoming totally static as the person stands in an upright position. There is a reduced blood flow leading to pain and discomfort. This condition is followed by the heart working double to pump blood to the restricted areas while the body begins to run out of energy. But, when a person is given an anti-fatigue mat to stand on, his muscles will slowly contract and expand as they adjust to the flexibility of the mat. This in return will reduce fatigue and make you more alert.

As the muscles adjust to the flexibility of the anti-fatigue mat, it will create movement and increases blood flow and the amount of oxygen reaching the heart. 


It is common that after acquiring a standing desk converter, the next in line is an anti-fatigue mat. An anti-fatigue mat must be a bit fluffy, but not too squishy because that will get uncomfortable within time. It should be a solid, high-density ergo-foam core which provides long-lasting support. It should feature a bevelled edge that reduces the chances of falling accidents and tripping over it which makes it easier to wash and clean. An AnthroDesk anti-fatigue mat includes all these qualities plus having a 5-year guarantee. Moreover, the edges of an AnthroDesk mat are designed never to curl and possess the right amount of giving whether standing all day or occasionally switching in between sitting and standing.