Work from Home: Top AnthroDesk's Ergonomic Products You Should Have in Your Workstation

Working from home is continuously getting popular nowadays. From young professionals to managers and executives, more and more workers are shifting from a 9-5 work schedule into a flexible work-from-home trend. Not only does it give them the flexibility of working in the comfort of their home, but it also provides them with the opportunity to create more meaningful bonding times with their loved ones. However, such an opportunity also entails the responsibility of taking care of their health and wellness. If you’re one of those who are planning to work from home, then it is vital to consider applying workplace ergonomics.


Top 5 Advantages of Working from Home

Working at home provides several advantages- that’s undeniable. Although there can still be some challenges that workers may experience, still they are manageable and are easy to solve. Here are some of the reasons why today’s workers are getting engaged in a work-from-home trend.

#1 You can customize your home office. It is important to have an ideal workstation for a worker to be more productive and efficient at work. To be able to customize your desk and the whole workplace can be another perk of working from home. You can choose the type of desk you want as well as the accessories to help you keep your workstation more organized. It can go from minimalistic to a colourful workplace, depending on your personality. You can place items that will help you become more inspired and motivated at work, such as your favourite painting or a framed family picture.

However, it is always imperative to consider health and safety when designing and setting up a workstation. Always choose ergonomic equipment, tools, and accessories to make sure that your health will be taken care of. For instance, there are standing desks and desk converters that you can choose so you can alternate between sitting and standing. This will promote better posture and better activity at work.

#2 You can save money. Instead of spending on vehicle fare and other expenses when you’re going to a company office, you can save the money for future purposes. Your office is at home, so there’s no need to travel to go to work.

#3 You can a flexible work schedule. Most work-at-home individuals are able to choose the work scheduled based on their preference. There are thousands of employers who are looking for workers who can help them with their businesses. That’s why there can be various choices for your skills and work experience. You can also choose the work schedule which you prefer, such as working full-time or part-time, night shift or day shift.

#4 You can work anywhere. Work from home employees can literally work anywhere, as long as they have the tools and Internet connection. If you want to still see your beautiful garden or take a glance at your home patio, then you can set up a desk or bring your laptop there. You can also work on your task while having a vacation in your dream destination.

#5 You can learn more about technology. Of course, the more time you spend while working from home, the more learning opportunities you can have. You will discover new technology apps and project management platforms. There are also other communication tools that you will use, thus, you can be more innovative when it comes to your job.

#6 You can be more focused on tasks. Home is a haven for most of us. It is more than a dwelling since it can be a place of comfort and a source of bright ideas. There can be fewer distractions at home, helping you to become more focused and concentrate on tasks. The more focused at work you are, the more productive you become.

#7 You can spend more quality time with your family. It will be rewarding for you to work in the comfort of your own home and spend time with your kids or family members. After your work shift, you can still do some home chores and have a bonding time with your loved ones.


AnthroDesk’s Products You Should Have in your Workstation

Working at home can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. Yes, it provides several advantages, but it also poses some challenges such as choosing the best tools and equipment to use. Here’s great news- AnthroDesk is offering products that are specially made to promote health and workplace ergonomics. Here are 10 of them, which you should consider adding to your home office.


#1 Standing Desks. Standing desks are considered one of the most important equipment in workplaces nowadays. They help workers prevent the detrimental impact of a sedentary lifestyle.

Programmable Single Motor Electric Standing Desk


-   It’s automatic and affordable; in just a push of a button, you can shift from sitting to standing in just a matter of seconds

-   It has adjustable width settings to fit a various range of desktops

-   Uses a telescopic mechanism to adjust its width

-   Contains four programmable presets to achieve your perfect height

-   Can support the weight of up to 100kg

-   Using a quiet electric motor, you can conveniently adjust its height

-   Contains handset controls to let four different heights programs

-   Promotes productivity and optimum health by preventing a sedentary work lifestyle

Programmable Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk


-   It efficiently adapts to your needs because its width is adjustable to fit different types of desk tops

-   Contains a powerful lift system consisting of a dual motor design for a smoother operation

-   Higher desk weight capacity for up to 265 lbs

-   Provides two programmable presets to acquire your perfect height

-   Installed fast in less than 15 minutes


#2 Desk Converters. Desk converters will help you alternate between sitting and standing, thus, aiding you to become sedentary all throughout your work schedule. Below are AnthroDesk’s top desk converters:

ErgoConvert Electric Sit Stand Desk Converter


-   Helps convert existing desk into a standing desk

-   Easy to assemble

-   Helps you shift from sitting to standing in just a click of a button

ErgoSpring Standing Desk Converter - Extra Wide


-   No need to replace your existing desk; you can just attach it and you’ll have a standing desk

-   Can be assembled in less than 10 minutes

-   Uses Gas-Spring technology

-   Convenient and easy to use to alternate between standing and sitting


#3 Ergonomic Accessories. Need items to help you become more organized at work? AnthroDesk offers various ergonomic accessories to help protect yourself from fatigue and strain. Not only that, but some of these accessories can also aid in achieving a clutter-free and more organized workstation.

Dual Cable Clip Wire Organizer / Cable Management System

-   Keeps cables and wires organized

-   Holds wires, cords, plastic, pens, wood, and even glass

-   Easy to assemble; takes only a few seconds to peel and stick the cable clip

-   Has 3M adhesive thus, making it a durable item to keep wires and cables 

Adjustable CPU Holder For Under Desk Mount

-   Saves more space when using this CPU holder

-   It fits almost all kinds of CPU tower

-   Durable steel construction

-   Free space on top of your desk, which you can use for other purposes

-   Helps protect your computer with the CPU holder

-   Helps get rid of wires from the floor to standing desk

-   Saves floor space

-   Avoid dust to damage your computers

-   Helps keep your workstation more organized

ErgoSlant Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Ergonomic Comfort Floor Mat


-   It has an advanced scientific design

-   Prevents the detrimental impact of heeled shoes for workers

-   Helps promote better posture, reduces back pain, and avoids having fatigue

-   Helps to transition to standing desk more conveniently

-   Allows effective massaging of the worker’s instep

-   Encourages healthy small movements while standing

 Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat


-   Reduces fatigue due to standing

-   Makes shifting to a sit to stand desk easier and more convenient

-   Features high density and high-quality polyurethane construction

-   Effectively reduces fatigue while transitioning to standing desk

-   Contains extreme cushioning with a comfortable ergo-foam core


Final Thoughts

Working from home can be more efficient and productive if you consider using ergonomic tools and equipment. AnthroDesk provides high-quality products to ensure that every worker can promote better work experience by applying workplace ergonomics.