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Working from home is often the dream of today's many workers. This is because it provides various benefits such as comfort, convenience, and flexibility in schedule. But, there are instances when working from home becomes challenging. There are times when workers have a hard time keeping their motivation due to some family issues. Or, it can be a challenge for them to stay focused due to various distractions at home. Moreso, they can be prone to living an unhealthy lifestyle since they can often be sitting for long hours. Finally, home-based workers can be at risk of getting stress, which is detrimental to physical and mental health. Therefore, being knowledgeable of some wellness tips can be a big help.

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Working from home is continuously getting popular nowadays. From young professionals  to managers and executives, more and more workers are shifting from a 9-5 work schedule into a flexible work-from-home trend. Not only does it give them the flexibility of working in the comfort of their home, but it also provides them with the opportunity to create more meaningful bonding times with their loved ones. However, such an opportunity also entails the responsibility of taking care of their health and wellness. If you’re one of those who are planning to work from home, then it is vital to consider applying workplace ergonomics.

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